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  1. For the benefit of Mark, who posted the request in the first place, please don't rely on the information in this forum. I have a different opinion from some of the other people posting - and I am sure everyone is putting their honestly held opinions. My concern is that you have entered into an implied contract by parking on this site. Others clearly disagree with me. Do take further advice if you want.
  2. It would be possible to challenge it under the Unfair Contracts Act 1977, I agree, but with no guarantee of success. An unpaid invoice is enforceable under civil law.
  3. The car park was free for a set period of time - 60 minutes. Assuming the sign details that £70 is payable after that, then it's entirely enforceable. If the sign didn't state that, then it's not. In law it's not a "free car park". It's a car park where the owner charges nothing for the first hour and, it appears, £70 after that. And that's why the owner can invoice. If the sign did not specify the £70 charge, then it would not be enforceable. However, I do agree that it is unlikely the owner will proceed to court.
  4. Maybe the double yellow lines were there for a reason. If you failed to observe them, how about paying the fine? Do you think it's right to try to challenge it when you know you were in the wrong?
  5. Bear in mind that legally they are probably correct and within their rights to issue you with this piece of paper, assuming they have addressed it and sent it to the driver of the vehicle at the time. Although they disgracefully make it look like a parking ticket, and issue warnings, etc, its legal standing is that of an INVOICE. By parking in their car park, assuming the signs are visible and clear, you have agreed to their terms and conditions. Because you went over the free time limit, they are entitled to send you an invoice to charge you for the time you have used. They are
  6. I WON !!! Read this and be pleased ........ In brief, I wrote twice to Lambeth Council telling them they were wrong, pointing out that the sign banned parking until 6.30 and I was parking til 6.41. I ended up at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service, where the adjudicator ruled in my favour: "The sign clearly visible in the Council's video evidence immediately adjacent to the vehicle shows the waiting restrictions ending at 6.30pm. As the vehicle was observed parked at 6.41pm it was not in contravention whatever the hours of the accompanying loading prohibition might have been
  7. Thanks to everyone for your advice. So the opinion is ... stick it out. Don't pay. Anyone with knowledge disagree? This does seem to imply that if you overstay the time limit in a free shopping centre car park, no-one can do anything about it. In other words, the time limit is irrelevant. Interesting. I'll post how I get on ...
  8. I have received a Parking Charge Notice from Excel Parking for my vehicle apparently staying too long in a shopping centre car park. (3hrs 24mins in 3 hour limit.) I was genuinely not the driver. Do I have to pay? The notice says "Liability for the parking charge notice lies with you the owner/keeper/driver/hirer." Are they right please?
  9. Thank you Jamberson, and Green and Mean. You are kind to spend your time on this. I will post how I get on.
  10. Thank you for your reply. This is rather what I thought as well, which means I wouldn't need the traffic order. Do you KNOW you are right on that, or do you just suspect it, like I do?
  11. I was ticketed via post, having been photographed by CCTV at 1841. The alleged offence is number 02, ie - "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force." I, too, suspect the sign is faulty and will follow your suggestion on Monday of trying to see the Road Traffic Order (or London equivalent). Any idea how I do that? A Freedom of Information Act request would take weeks.
  12. Friends - I've received a ticket for parking on a weekday evening at 1841 in Waterloo, on a single yellow line. The controlled parking zone ends at 1830. But there is a sign on a lampost. Under the No Waiting Sign it states "Mon - Fri 8.30am - 6.30pm", but then it says "No Loading Mon - Fri 4pm - 7pm". This seems incorrect. How can the parking restriction finish at 6.30pm but the loading restriction finish at 7pm? (Incidentally, I wasn't loading - I parked and went to a restaurant.) I've responded to Lambeth council that no offence was committed, but they have rejected my r
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