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  1. Ok apologies I haven't been on here, they wanted an extra 2 weeks which I gave them as long as they repaired damage caused to my wheels by towing. They agreed. They have now inspected it and have filed their defence claiming . . yet again . . that there was no oil in the car. Just waiting for my court date now, hope i'm prepared enough
  2. I don't really want to go to court but it is my last resort so i'll make sure they know that
  3. Sorry to double post/change the thread. What also happens if I have ticked the box to say I would like to resolve it without going to court and the defendant has chosen no?
  4. Thanks Haggis Called them and as you say wasn't a problem at all, didn't know I could do that.
  5. I am going through the small claims and have received my allocation questionnaire which I have filled out and posted back to the court. The defendants solicitor has sent me a copy of their allocation questionnaire and has asked that I send a copy of mine to them, stupidly I did not take a copy before I posted it off. Is it a requirement that I send a copy to them or can I just ignore them? Or shall I email/write to them and let them know I do not have a copy? Thanks
  6. I saw that site before, it just says its up to the judge?? Is it likely . . .i'm now really worried i'll end uplosing then losing even more money I also cant really afford a technician, really think i'm in over my head here. I will let you all know how much extension they would like on the case
  7. OK now they say cos the engineer can't come til a certain date they need longer for their defence, can I say no? This has gone on long enough but will saying no go against me?
  8. Its regarding my other thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/garage-services/213669-2006-vauxhall-astra-issue.html I am taking Vauxhall to small claims, they have arranged for an engineer to come and inspect my car, hopefully this will stop it going all the way to court! As I don't want this really, all I want is what I am entitled to If I do lose, which I doubt I will, will I have to pay for their solicitor?
  9. If I lose a small claims do I have to pay any costs? I've googled this and can't find it anywhere. Also how do i progress if the defendant claims they do not owe the money?
  10. I don't want to pay licence fee anymore I never watch the beeb, the annoying thing is we have no choice!
  11. Even though I have filled out a small claims form and have had a letter I haven't had one back from Vauxhall, is this normal?
  12. I have done a 7 day range and now have a new meter. Ok not concerne toomuch about the negative balance as I can continue to argue that . . .p'ed off about the d and bank charges though
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