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  1. BBG

    The First Steps

    Great. In that case my plan is: Send them this letter with a £2 postal order: (could you check I have changed the correct areas please?) Dear Sir/Madam Re:− Account/Reference Number MYNUMBER This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.78(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminded that should you
  2. BBG

    The First Steps

    Hey guys. I just have a couple of more questions before I send anything off. If I find out that the CCA is unenforceable can I push for a small settlement or write off of the debt whilst still paying the minimum amount so as not to get in trouble with Egg or when they see what I'm doing will they just terminate my account?
  3. BBG

    The First Steps

    Ah that's ok. I rent the property. I will fill out the form/letter tomorrow and post it first thing. I'll keep a running update of any developments here.
  4. BBG

    The First Steps

    Thanks for the info. I will get the postal order today. What is a CRA? Also can you define skeletons? I have 2 credit cards with debt on them and a loan with my bank. The loan in under this address, as is the 2nd credit card with Barclays. It's just Egg that think I still live at my old address.
  5. BBG

    The First Steps

    After a lot of reading I have gone through that entire thread and it seems I should be going ahead with this. I will post off a CCA Request letter on Monday. Do I need to to send them a £1 or £10 postal order? I see different figures around. Also, I have moved out of my parents house 2 years ago (they still live there) but I haven't told Egg. Should I do this before I send my CCA Request? Will it hurt me in any way?
  6. BBG

    The First Steps

    @Mr Fox: No worries if it's negative or not, advice is advice so thanks @Sam614: I will do shortly, thanks. @Maroondevo52: At the moment Egg deal with my account and I make the minimum payment each month. I rarely miss a payment, about once a year, but it's always there, eating away at what money I have. It hangs like the Sword of Damacles.
  7. BBG

    The First Steps

    Hey guys, first post here. I've just come across your site whilst googling round for some solutions. Having read a few of your posts you all seem to know an awful lot about how to go about this sort of thing. I owe Egg £5,928.71 on a credit card that was applied for probably in 1999 or there about (it's hard to recall). I know I've been stupid and I feel totally sick I've spent that money on nothing. Looking at the posts here I see it might be able to be classed as unlawful CCA or something? What are the steps I need to go about setting this in motion? I've read
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