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  1. sam.laidlaw@centrica.com is the ceo email they tried to con me out of £250 and then when I complained they said it was just a computer error, and I just have to accept it Computers dont make errors, the people using them make the errors
  2. Yes it was not that bad, exact as you decribed. Spent most the time in conference room with Restons Barrister. I did ask the DJ questions about the draft order at the hearing as did not wish to take the barristers word for it, and she did explain it was full and final and not a short settlment, and sanctioned it, and I have a copy of the draft. She made comment that she was pleased both sides had compromised and reached a deal and saved costs, and was happy to grant extra time for the 2 parties to discuss. We went into the hearing about an hour after we were supposed to have.
  3. Cheers for that Mr Happy, I am glad to hear all went well for you. I made out to the opp barrister that I am not scared to go in the court room as a lay person and use lay language, but never had to go through with it. The first time is an experiance and half alright.
  4. Hey there Thanks for your support throughout. I nearly did not go today, but I am sure glad I did in the end, as if I did not go they would have got the Judgment by default on whatever amount they wanted to claim. You was spot on, soon as I sat down in waiting area their barrister was over asking if I wanted to chat. Went ahead and had a chat, barrister seemed ok. She tried to serve a new WS on me which I refused to accept. They then try to get me to agree to making £5 weekly payments, in return for a charge on my house, cheeky! I told them were to stick that.
  5. Thanks for all your help on this FG really appreciated. Have sent off the ws and the exhibits etc last week. Am in court tommorow and will report back how it goes. As a LIP am not feeling confident and wish that I considered being represented before. Would I be too late to be represented by member of the bar on a cfa? Anyway, will report back how it goes, and thanks again.
  6. that all seems to be in order, 21.10.08, 07.11.08 and 29.11.08 on comms log 1st mention of charge off
  7. Hi there Supasnooper, Thanks for you post. My reconstructed and copy dn, as described by Restons, both look the same and do not have any heading, they do not look anything like even a photocopy of yours, apart from text contained. I have done a sar request to which they recently replied. Have gone through it, and there is no DN, not a copy not a reconstruct none at all. But there is a note on a print out of what seems to be system notes, stating DN issued on the date the copy dn states. I have also just gone through a CCA request which they (MBNA) replied to in Dec 2008
  8. Thanks very much for you guidance, I was going too far into detail. That looks great, the DN does give enough time ro remedy, I assume 14 days to be same as 10 working days, plus 2 working days for the notice to be served, they are bang on timewise, shame never received it though. Yes the defence I sent in did not include the statement of truth at the bottom, is this something I would address in the ws, along the lines of me being a non member of the bar with no funds to get legal advice, and feeling very streesed and intimidated. The DN they provide, I can not see how it could
  9. Hello, Have been working on my WS, and have included what I have got to so far below. Many thanks to FairyBlue whose thread and draft WS I have used a lot, kindly pointed out by FG. Here goes: 1st Witness Statement of XXXXX Dated:xxxxxxx In the Xxxxxxxxx County Court Claim Number: XXXXXXXX Between: MBNA Europe Bank Limited (Claimant) -And- XXXXXX (Defendant) _________________________ 1st WITNESS STATEMENT OF XXXXXX _________________________ 1. I, XXXXX of XX Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx
  10. Hi there FG Its come from the court and hearing date about 3 weeks away. There was no signature, just tick in box, and dated after 06/04/07 Thanks for the link, will get onto it. Thanks
  11. I think I have come across a big boo boo from the bullies, I hope so anyways, dont really want to say anything just yet, may be red herring
  12. And here is the dn, it is reffered to as a copy, and previously as reconstructed. I do not remember receiving this at all. Have gone through all my papers and have not seen it.
  13. Hello, Got the SJ hearing papers, and am daunted a bit. So gonna read through some other threads that were at this stage again, and again. I have attached link to copies of everything they have sent me, and would really appreciate some help and advice on how I respond. I need to get this in 7 days before the hearing, they dont give much time. Thanks so much
  14. Well done mate, you have done brilliantly, and thanks for you kind words and link to yours on my thread I will be keeping my eyes peeled here
  15. Thanks mate, will be reading through your thread very carefully, cheers for link. I called the court today, and they say they had just been someone working on it, and that it is to be listed as a hearing in a few weeks, no SJ mentioned so either not applied for or thrown out? First feelings are of fear and anxiety, going to court! I am assuming this is better than having to face a SJ, and that burdens of proof are all with them (mbna) for this heaing. There has been no response to any CPR requests, only copies and reconstructed dn's forwarded. Can updated terms and con
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