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  1. Thank you all for your posts. Means2anend, could you tell me if I should receive all copies of my statements for the period of when I took out the card. Could you also give me the informations commissioners office address please.
  2. Hi everyone, I have sent a S.A.R To Vanquis Credit Card along with £10. I recieved some information from them last week which was just a load of computer sheets showing dates of activity on my account. I wrote back to them asking them to send all the information they hold on myself including copies of al statements, thay sent a reply letter today stating that if I wanted copies of all my statements they will cost me £5 per statement, thay also advised me that the S.A.R does not include copies or transcripts of telephone calls, enforcement or default notices and any copies of credit agreements.
  3. Smouk, The judge his authority was very limited and that I should look to claim back all the charges and interest paid on this account over the last 6 years if I believe they do not hold a signed credit agreement. If BC do not hold a fully signed agreement then they are unable to enforce any terms and conditions on this account, which meens they are unable to charge any interest or default harges. He said I should look at doing this as he was not able to give me disclosure. He also said that he believes if BC hada copy of a credit card agreement containing my signature they would have produced
  4. BankFodder, I have no agreement and never have had. BC will not send one they will not answer any requests from me. They just ignore all my letters. Now I have this debt collection agency Moorcroft on my tail.
  5. Hi can someone help urgently please. Over a year ago I sent many letters from this site to Barclaycard asking them to disclose my credit agreement to me. In november 2009 I took them to court for Disclosure under the CPR 31.16 rule and lost. I then sent them a SAR On the 11th January 2010, but had no reply as yet. Today I have received an intent of litigation from Moorcroft debt recovery for thie whole amount. Can you advise on what to do next as I am not getting any where with BC.
  6. I have just sent back a no thank you to Cap 1 for their pittaful offer, along with another claim for ppi which they had charged me for 3 years without me even knowing about. I'm awaiting a response on this. They owe me a refund of £687.91 which is a combination of charges, iterest, and ppi payments.
  7. Hi everyone Ive just recieved the same letter from crap 1 but they are offering me £88 in settlement instead of the £457 I'm seeking. Is there another letter somewhere I can reply with.
  8. Thanks Shadow, The CPR31.16 leaves you in a funny situation and I will try and explain. If you believe that the company has acted in an unlawful manner then the judge says take them to court for that reason. If you believe that the company has levied excessive interest and unlawful charges on your account he says take them to court for that reason. If you believe that the credit agreement may have been inproperly executed he says in what way, that moves you back to the first two reasons. I hope you can understand that no matter what reason you give the judge it all boils down to us the public
  9. Hi, I have been reading through my notes and come across an interesting conversation the judge had with the barrister. The judge asked the barrister why they did'nt send all their court papers to me 24 hours before the hearing, the barrister replied that they are so busy dealing with all the CPR31.16 requests that it was sent out with many others. I think BC are making a stand knowing that the courts have limited power as the judge informed myself. I think the best way to handle getting your agreement or at least finding out if your cc company has a copy, is to send them an sar and £10. Rememb
  10. Oh I forgot. The Judge explained to me that if I am asking for a copy of my agreement because I lost or misplaced the original then I must know that it excisted and therefore agreed to the terms and conditions of obtaining the card. However if I am asking for the copy knowing that I had never recieved one in the first place then BC had levied charges and interrest on a none existant agreement. I could therefore reclaim Interest and charges but not (payments made on goods) for the last six years. I will try and update this message as I go on reading my notes from court.
  11. Hi Slick132, Back from court you can read all about if you search Charlick VS Barclaycard. Sorry Slick132 but I lost in one way and won in another. please read my new posting today. It's under Barclays Forum
  12. Hi Everyone, Just back from court, TOOK bc FOR DISCLOSUR UNDER THE cpr31.16 sorry but I lost the disclosure case. The judge informed me that as I already knew that BC had no intensions in supplying me with a true signed copy of my agreement and that I also knew that the reason was because, as he agreed, that they probably did'nt have one, he could not order disclosure unless I can prove to the courts that there have been some irregularities within the agreement. He then asked me what I would do if BC could not produce a signed agreement, I said I would claim back all the monies I had paid on t
  13. Thanks Slick132, Should BC's Solicitors Lowell's have sent me copies of their paperwork or any information to with the court case tomorrow? I have not had any replies to any letters I have sent them in the past 2 months all I get is Mercers telling me to pay up.
  14. Hi everyone just to let you all know my court case with BC is on weds at 11.30am. I haven't had any contact from their solicitors as yet about anything neither have the courts. I will attend but need just one final bit of help please. I am going to court for disclosure under the CPR 31.06 Rule and I was wondering what to say to the judge as to why I am seeking this information?
  15. Hi Twelvefour, I am currently dealing with Vanquis and have been for about 6 months now. I am now dealing with 1st credit and a new company called Cannaught Collections UK LTD. I have written to all three companies asking for my credit agreement but to no avail. The FOS who dealt with my request wrote to me explaining that they see no reason for this account to be in dispute and reccomended that I resume payments, which I will not do of course. I have just posted a letter to vanquis explaining that if I do not recieve the agreement within the nex 14 days I will pursue it through the county cou
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