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  1. Nice to see I am not the only one who got an exact copy of the very same letter word for word Watching with great interest
  2. CPR 31:14 them they won't comply send copies of cpr to court court will stay judgement no more hassle from them
  3. Agree with Smarterchick why fix what ain't broke gonna take a fortnight to learn to drive
  4. Hi try using photobucket to enlarge docs they look like the same as I received but need to see clearly
  5. Can't see clearly try using photobucket to enlarge looks like app form only & DN looks same as as mine but need to be able to read clearly .
  6. Defence put into court pointing defects in Alleged agreement alson defective DN letter to court from claimants solicitor asking to dismiss petition which was duly granted by judge
  7. Hi have you got copies of your documents I am having same problem with T/pro Just had bankruptcy petition dismissed now got court papers from northampton Check default notice it is most likely invalid and agreement is usually application form only. But would need to see them to verify
  8. Anyone else got any views on this please ???????
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