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  1. hi Sillygirl I, well it gos to show they can be beaten, got case with rbs on at moment but looks as if this is going the same way as NDR (Empire and Marshall ward) have so far got ride of £14,400 of debt because of greed on the part of banks and silly unenforceable cca1974. Thanks for the help from this site. Tiller 65:wink:
  2. Hi all. Just an update on the post 8th oct 2009. after request for cca1974 to NDR and getting no reply from (Empire stores) i got a letter saying they could not produce a cca1974, but NDR still put charges on the account, so i sent a letter to SDFC, asking them to tell NDR to stop all charges and processing the claim or i would report them and SDFC to ts and oft as they were both in breach of the said act, got letter back saying they can confirm that they will not be pursuing for the outstanding balance of £3,600 writen off,so all of you out there take haert it can be done, i did not ask or
  3. Hi 42 man, could you help me as i am not sure what to do. i sent a request for a copy of cca to royal bank of scotland, they have sent back, a photo copy of an application form, signed by me in 2000, but the form do's not state terms or interest to be paid, in a letter with this form, the Bank states that ( WE HAVE AS YET BEEN UNABLE TO SUPPLY DETAILS OF THE RECONSTITUTED VERSION OF THE EXECUTED AGREEMENT. WE ARE SATISFIED THE TERMS AND CONDITION OF THE AGREEMENT WERE ON THE REVERSE OF APPLICATION FORM, THEREFORE YOUR CLIENT HAD SIGHT OF THESE DETAILS WHEN HE SIGNED AND ACCEPTED THE TERMS ) Q.
  4. hi all, just got statement from NDR, they have not replied to my cca 1974 request, they have just sent statement with late payment charge and what they say i own, if they are still adding charges after i have requested a cca and they have not sent a copy and have cashed the cheque i sent them to cover the free are they in breach of the said act , and what do i do now? do i report them to oft or trading standards office?
  5. hi sillygirl 1, thanks for quick reply. tiller65
  6. hi maroondevo 52 & 42man, i sent letter of dispute to wescot but have had no reply, what next? also sent letter NDR requesting true copy of cca 1974 over three of four weeks ago, they have cashed the cheque on the 22 Sept 2009 but have not replied or sent the cca1974 should i report them to trad ing standereds what do i do ?. also one cat has said that because i am still paying them i do not need to ask for a cca1974, if i am paying a cat off can i still request a cca1974 and if they do not have one do i still need to pay this cat thankyou in advarnce for replies.
  7. hi 42 man, i sent wescot a letter requesting a cca on the 20th Aug 2009 (20-8-2009) got letter back from them on the 25th-Aug asking for my three last addresses i live at, told them my last address as i live at my precent address for 7rys 6m, i have not had no reply since, im i right in thinking that as the 12 + 2 working days is passed and no reply that this account is now in dispute under the said act 1974, and were do i go from here, do i send them another letter giving them another 30 days to come with the cca or what.? tiller65
  8. hi 42man, have started a new thread, and hope i have done it right and in the right place, as i say new to this, thank you for all help given i will send cca to ndr, in the statement from empire store on what i payed, at the top of letter it says, ANNUAL STATEMENT FOR FIXED - SUM CREDIT AGREEMENT : 23042620194, WHAT DO'S THIS MEAN ? when i send to ndr for cca do i ask for it under s77 in the cca act or s78 running account credit as with catalogues?. Tiller65
  9. hi 42man and others, thanks for the help, i will keep all letters in a file, if i send a cca to NDR i hope i will find out who own's the debt, one other question, if NDR say thay do not own the debt but it is owned by empire who are now so i understand run by shop direct who in turn are shop direct finance company limited, can i send them a cca tiller65:)
  10. hi PGH7447, i have just got a letter from wescot after they sent me a debt notice i sent a letter back asking for a cca and they sent back asking for my last three addresses, i told them my last address and said that i have been living at my present address for over seven yrs and that this delay in no way exsteans the 12 working days they have to reply to the cca request, in the letter i got today they say that they have closed the account and returned my cheque and that no futher correspondence will be sent to you regarrding this matter, do's this mean that the debt they so i
  11. Hi 42Man, i am 70yrs old and i have not been using computor lone how do i start new thread, in asker to Q NDR are charging £12 each time i payplan pay them either for late payment or missed payment and paying less than min payment, i have been paying £73.38p for the last year per month, just recieved a statement from Empire stores and from and its not showing that i have ever paid £73.38p per Mouth this statement says that it is a ANNUAL STATEMENT FOR FIX-SUM CREDIT AGREEMENT, AMOUT IS £2071.25, INTEREST IS£948.42P making a total of £3019.67, for term of 156 weeks. and NDR are s
  12. hi all, i have got a funny sort of problem, in oct 2008, i got behine in payments to empire stores, i jioned payplan after makeing an agreement, with what i thought was empire stores to pay £73.38p per month vie payplan, i now find after recieving two statements from ndr that the agreement was with them and not empire stores, but at the time of the agreement being made vie phone i was not told by empire that i was making an agreement with ndr and thay had not told me that the debt was being passed to ndr, empire say thay sent letter to me about this, to day i ask them to send c
  13. hi. i do not know what the debt is as have had no word from wescot as to what it relalates to other than a ARG EQUATION, but what this is i not sure, if it a tv i think i know, but have had no contact with this from wescot or the comp brought from for over six year's ,also have sent to wescot another cca for another debt thay say i own but this is over six year's old, what happens if thay go to court and try to get the thing inforced ?
  14. i sent letter to wescot asking for a true credit aggrement under the 1974 act and they replied by asking me for my three address pior to the one i live at now, the 12 working days have gone, this morning i got a letter from nelson guest & partners solicitors, they say that i have ten days to make payment or they will advise there client who are wescot to issue proceedings without further notice, im i right in saying that without the credit agreement this makes the claim indispute. any help out there. tiller 65
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