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  1. Hi Ida This thread is just about my ccj except for the first post which gives some background. I think whats confusing it is the court papers going back and forth between myself and the court. What does 'admitted the claim' mean? To the court or the debt company? How do I do that? I've paid them every month without missing but its only a token payment as that's all I can afford. I've applied (am applying) for a variation of the court order because the advice is i've accepted the debt when I started paying so cant apply for a set aside. 12 years ago when I split from
  2. The court papers are coming back to me again because I haven't completed the box re offer of payment I didn't know what to fill in there as the rest of the page shows my income and expenses which gives me a minus figure every month. They didn't mention it when they sent them back the first time The box above it asks for credit debts, should I tell them about all the 12 year old debts that i'm paying off there? Or because they're 12 years old leave it blank? I left it blank but I don't want it to come back to me again. I'm worried that the solicitors have told the court i've no
  3. Thanks Batman, copied and saved ready for future use. It's quite strongly worded, is it ok to send (if I need to) as it is?
  4. Yes i'm about to do that but I need to send letter N to all of them at the same time otherwise it'll confuse me. Been sorting through the papers to get them in order to do this, still got some to go though. If they reply i'll be posting on here to decipher them! (If they don't reply how do I put it in dispute?). The new benefit evidence (took 11 days to come) for the court came today, so i'll be sending it all back to the court tomorrow and holding my breath again until the court write back to me. Once i've sorted the court papers, I can continue with the others.
  5. Thats template letter N, no I haven't written to them yet. They must be thinking of selling the debt on again if they're contacting me.
  6. Thanks Batman, confused me when I received it but must be a new tactic by them. My debt isn't statute barred as the advice was to pay them so I did and by doing that (I think) that means I claimed the debt. Had one of the statements from Lowell too, that totally threw me but I continued with token payments as i'm sure if I do anything wrong they'll contact me!
  7. The court sent all my paperwork back. I'd copied all the papers before sending and sent a copy by mistake of one piece of evidence instead of the original. The time it's taken to process and get back to me it means that the evidence they need is now out of date and i've had to ask for fresh evidence to send back with the papers - hasn't come yet Not had a visit from the bailiff/pre-bailiff and I thought it was due to court papers being lodged so now i'm not sure at all of where I stand. Nightmare. Should I phone the courts and advise i'm waiting for fresh evidence to meet their 1
  8. I cant ever remember taking out a loan with Bank of Scotland, I know we were even turned down by them for a bank account so it doesn't make sense that they would give us a loan. I will check through what papers I can find in the next day or so - being 12 years old they're a bit scattered - and can tell you for definite then. I'm 99.9% certain thee was no loan but being such a long time ago i'd pefer to double check. (CL Finance wouldnt speak to me, they transferred the call directly to H Cohen)
  9. Rang, said the creditor was Bank of Scotland or Halifax Bank of Scotland (I think they're the same thing -?) and that it was for a loan-??? Obviously tried to 'discuss' payment-said they had 1 payment in June but before that the last one was in Jan this year. Told them i've paid every month without fail and when they took over the debt i'd written to them to ask for their bank details-he said they never received the letter as it was not on the system. I still continued paying and it looks like the previous owner of the debt has passed on some payments, if I dont get a reply from them
  10. Ah i'd got that the wrong way round. I'll ring tomorrow and do my best with them though they tend to make mincemeat out of me, i am intimidated by them. I'll post as soon as I find out. Thanks muchly to everyone for all the help.
  11. so my next step is send template letter N to CL Finance (not H Cohen) is that right?
  12. Sorry, not one of my better days today. I didnt know that Welcome was part of CL Finance or Lewis Debt Recovery (I'm sure Lewis have another one of the debts). Particulars of claim says its 'under a regulated credit agreement between the Defendant and Bank of Scotland assigned to the claimant in November 2008'. I cant remember having any debt with Bank of Scotland, in fact I remember being turned down for (I think) bank account by either them or Royal Bank of Scotland.
  13. "Claimant - CL Finance Limited R.O. Kingston House Centre 27 Business Park Woodhead Road Birstall Batley WF17 9TD" Thats word for word. Name and address of payment is Howard Cohen & Co. Solicitors
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