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  1. Thanks for all your help. Ill tuck the car away tonight and ring the council to say I will pay them.
  2. I understand what your saying but do I have to give the bailiffs any money? Will they keep adding charges?
  3. So what excatly do I do now? I did call the bailiff and he said its not invalid and he will return in 48hours to collect the whole lot. So do I still need to pay the attendance fee?
  4. Well its my car but on finance so technically I dont own it. So do I only need to pay the unpaid council tax? I dont want to call them and look like an idiot lol
  5. Hi all. I owe £350 for council tax. I came home today to find a notice of bailiff attendance. The notice was not sealed with my name just laying in the open on the floor for everyone to see! The breakdown of costs are Council tax £358.06 Levy Fee £37.00 Attendance costs 132.50 I called the bailiff to excatly what was levyd and he said the car on the drive. I do not actually own the car so I stated I would not need to pay a levy fee. He said as it was on your drive I assumed it was yours so you will have to pay it. I asked for a breakdown of the attendanc
  6. I did recieve the pcn : ( . Thankyou Rae Ill write out the letter soon.
  7. Thankyou, When I wake up Ill write what they put but will keep all details to a minimum
  8. Right so I sent a letter to the council that kelcou kindly wrote and I also sent the bailiffs a letter regarding costs. I sent the letters last monday and on the wednesday I got an email from the council saying it is at stage 1 and Ill get a reply soon. This morning I got a reply from the bailiffs with a letter of breakdown costs ( which I requested ) on the same letter it said to cut a long story short. we understand you have made a formal complaint and that the council has asked us to to now deal with it. the bailiffs name and certificate number is blah blah. That was it!!! There was no expl
  9. sorry firstly kelcou I sent the letters today recorded delivery Ill let you know. thanks again
  10. Im speechless. That is fantastic its as though you have read my mind. I am soooo Greatfull for your HUGE contribution. Thankyou very very much.
  11. Thankyou very much no levie was made to my knowledge. They got told by the person I lived with I didnt live there anymore but they still went round there. They said on the phone to me they now have my new address.
  12. thanks for your help i will take your advice. Can you get a magic wand? lol
  13. 1. The Initial letter I personally did not recieve as it was sent to an old address and thrown away.The person I used to live there with said all it said was that they would turn up. no breakdown of costs were on it. 2. On the first and only visit they put a letter through the door saying they had been but not removed anything and to call to pay £306 in full to avoid removal of goods at a later date. 3. Does Levie mean take? If so they have never entered the address and I have not seen them to sign a walking possesion or anything like that.They literally went to the old address
  14. ploddertom I think your right. Its unfair as I offered to pay today and they refused it so for me doing what is right is gonna be worse off for me as they will put more charges on. Its a shame I cant pay the council direct After sending a complaint what else shall I do.
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