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  1. hiya all, i was sacked at the beginning of august 2009 for gross misconduct for using 2 swear words. at the moment i am doing my evening job with the local NHS and doing overtime.i know with the NHS that the overtime will stop sooner than later but was wondering if anybody has got a job since losing there last one through gross misconduct. cheers stevo.
  2. it could be because i have a part time job but also another reason was that my friend who works there told them the truth and the lady listened.blimey i was in the food trade for 22 years and yes i have been employed by the NHS for the 3 and a bit years. Gross misconduct covers a wide range of stuff nowadays,everybody is getting sacked for it. stevo.
  3. hiya, i was sacked in early august09 for gross misconduct.i have been lucky in a way that i had a evening job at the time with the local NHS.at the moment i am getting overtime in the day but my contracted hours are in the evening. i did fill out a application form and put down dismissed and the lady rung me up and said what i did etc and two weeks later offered me a interview but that job didnt have enough hours etc. me personally i am going to put down dismissed and if i get a interview and if there ask why i got dismissed then i will tell them.be honest thats what i say because if you dont and get the job and they find out then that is gross misconduct aswell. cheers stevo.
  4. hiya ff, cheers for all your words of wisdom.like i said tomorrow i have this meeting with the cab so i will see what there say etc. i didnt know about the insurance side of things but i will defo be looking into that. cheers once again stevo.
  5. hiya funkyfox, i have been through my appeal which i lost but really deep down i knew that.i have a meeting tomorrow with cab to see about going down the line of Employment tribunal so i will see what comes out of that meeting. the thing what i am really worried about is what to put on application forms because i really wanna work, so i was thinking about putting down dismissal and if they ask just be honest. cheers stevo.
  6. hiya, i came into my old employement which i have been at for the last 22 years without any problems,no lates,no sicks,no disapline nothing at all. this chap who i worked for came up to me on three occasions and asked me the same question and i then snapped using two f words and thats it.promise. i didnt hit him,i didnt throw something at him,i didnt point at him nothing.somebody else who was higher up(butcher manager) put the complaint in and then bullied this guy into putting a complaint in. i was then suspended 4 one week then got the sack. thats it in a nutshell. so if i put down dismissed then if people ask then i can explain myself if asked. cheers stevo.
  7. hiya all, I got sacked from my last job 3 weeks ago and now i am looking around for some jobs.at the moment leading up to xmas i am going to try my hand at some xmas posts ie royalmail,argos etc. now the last job i was sacked for gross misconduct.i was employed by them for 22 years and no problems until i swore twice at a work colleuge(b4 opening time) and then was sacked. now when i go for a job on the application form i am going to put down dismissed what do i say at the interview.do i try and explain what happened ie like i have just said because thats what really happened. plus when there get refencences there will it come back as saying i got done for gross misconduct or start date then finish date? cheers for your help stevo.
  8. sorry yourbank i dont intead to sign on i am hoping to find work,i know it will be difficult but i wanna work. i am still looking forward..... stevo.
  9. hiya, yourbank. nope i havnt signed on or anything like that yet and hopefully it wont come to that because all the extra hours at the NHS but as soon as there stop well i will be doing that. yep i am looking forward and not behind.
  10. hiya, i have to say that when i was on suspended pay for the week i was really worried,couldnt sleep,eat etc but when i got the sack it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder. yes the NHS have been brillant to me and hopefully something will come along and i will look back and think why the hell did i stay there for all those years. cheers stevo.
  11. hia, jackiieawayne. at the moment i amworking for my local NHS which was my evening job b4 all this happened,which now aegone long ad they have given me loads of overtimead hve be really good to me,but i know overtime will never allways bethere. i wasthinking last nite aout going down the agency route myslf which i will hve alook at in the near furture. my thanx.
  12. ok yourbank i think i am geting my head around it all. have you ever told anybody when u go for interviews that u got sack for gross misconduct(then explained why u did) or just say dismissed...........
  13. yes yourbank i have got my head around that but if the new company look into your past work ie the one which u got done for gross misconduct from then you are srewed.......
  14. so how did you get around the gross misconduct at the interview?
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