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  1. Thank you so much for this info...it is exactly what I was looking for and I am certain that we fall into the last category. I am just so grateful that I have found CAG...we live in an outwardly affluent area (lived here all my life!) and debt hanging over my head has been the most isolating experience..all my friends give no sign of any money worries even now and I haven't felt able to confide in anyone. Thought I was very much in the minority and this all stems from debts around 10years old . Thanks to you and everyone at CAG for the unstinting great advice and support ... xx:)
  2. Thank you for replying...I'm really grateful. Well, we have had a joint bank account until 2007/2008 and all money was paid into that but the mortgage and rent has always been in his name only. For the last 10 years I have earned very little as we have had children. I was planning to return to work but my son was very ill with meningitis and I ended up with MRSA...all a bit of a nightmare but we are still here! Of course I can prove that I have been the minor earner and when an extension was built ages ago there was no money put up by myself, no earnings etc to be taken into account on the app
  3. Yes they must be very busy! Thank you so much for asking.I have to say that I have felt terrible...so stressed out and couldn't see a way forward but just being able to get on here today and find out more and have the benefit of the experiences of others has made me pull myself together (well..a bit). I have phoned the council tax people,two really horrible debt companies and the county court for advice on tomlin orders and managed to pick some brains there which has been a help. To be honest if it meant that I could sleep well I might choose the bankruptcy option before it chooses me but i do
  4. Thank you so much! I have had to deal with other debt collecters but these are really aggressive. It is great to have such support...thanks again
  5. Hello ! I am sorry to start another thread but from advice given earlier today bankruptcy seems like the only possible solution and I am trying to check this out with national debt line but have been hanging on for hours...the thing that most worries me is this..... I may have to go bankrupt owing to debts from over 9 years ago .Most debts are in my name only...just two are in joint names with my husband. we live in a shared ownership property that my husband bought in 1993 before we married. It is in his name alone ...my name has never been added to the deeds. My worrying question is
  6. Many thanks Seq...I really appreciate it. Have been trying to call all day...but will keep on trying!
  7. oh and at the moment there is equity but my husbands share is only25% . we did try and think about using the equity to buy the house outright a couple of years ago but on paper (our joint income is about £33k) no one would help
  8. Hi...until recently we had a joint bank account so joint names have been on my name is on some bills like the gas and elec and council tax. It is shared ownership and was bought in 1993 before we were married but I have lived there since we were married in 1995
  9. Very many thanks! I will look up my local practice number. But do you know is it right that joint debts are assigned to him in the event of my going bankrupt? Sorry this is just such a nightmare
  10. Hello everyone! I am new to CAG and forums altogether but after a sleepless night I have found you all and would be very grateful if anyone could let me know if they have ever had to deal with Connaught Collections and Asset Link Financial. They have taken on debts that are some years old one was Lloyds Bank (Connaught) for £3500 and Asset Link has one which they would only resolve with a Tomlin order for £5000. I am now in the awful position of having to contact these companies amongst others to say that my financial positions changed as my tax credits have stopped and I need to see if I can
  11. Thank you so much Crocdoc for taking the trouble to post (it's all new to me!). Bankruptcy seems so scary and I am just frightened that they would try and pursue my husband to sell our home. I will have a look around the website to find out some details about bankruptcy now. Have to say that it makes me feel just a little better to know that I am not the only one. It is so hard to keep smiling for your children when you are frightened all day every day so i thank you again for posting
  12. Hi everyone..this is the first time I have posted on anything ,anywhere but after reading your forums and finally working out how to post (well I hope I have!) I would very much appreciate some urgent advice and if i am honest ,support. I will try and keep this as brief as possible...I am married with 2 children aged 9 and 6 and my husband works full time earning 27k a year. I am self employed and earn approx 3,700k per year petsitting. Before i had my children I ran up debts after my husband was made redundant and then I became pregnant and was signed off work at 10wks pregnancy due to preg
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