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  1. Hi There, Been playing games with MBNA for months now on CCA etc and they passed onto PRA Group to chase, they have come back now and said the application was done digitally! Not sure where I stand now or what I can do? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards Steve H
  2. Hi There, Do you mean upload what they have sent me? How do i do that?
  3. Hi There, Should I just stop paying them the £50 a month and let them sell to a DCA then, and then tell them they cant take me to court as they have no agreement? Regards
  4. Hi There, This is direct with Barclaycard. Am i right in thinking that without an agreement they cant take me to court?
  5. Hi There, Not posted for a long time, but here goes! Owe Barclaycard £9000 and have sent them a CCA, they have replied with a letter sending me a copy of the agreement but not signed by me. They are saying the account is not in dispute because of any delay in providing your copy documents as section 78 (6) (b) was repelled on the 31st May 2008. It is now no longer an offence for a creditor to fail to comply with s78 (6) for more than one month. What is my best plan of action now. Thank you in advance for your replies. Steve H
  6. Hi There, All going well thanks for the excellent advice. Im having a slight problem with V12 retail finance, I owe them £420 for a TV and was paying £50 a month and have offered them £15 which they have rejected. They want to see my bank accounts that I am reluctant to show them as in comparison to what I owe others their amount is peanuts. Shall I send them a cheque for £15 each month and be done with it? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi There, Just opened my mail and got a default notice from Barclaycard for late payment and the same from Secure trust bank, no mention of my letter I have sent them. Shall I wait for them to acknowledge my letter or send them another one, if another one what shall I out in it? Regards Steve
  8. Hi There, Received some more letters from my creditors as follows: Hitachi: Have asked to see what I owe other people and how much I intend to pay them from my outstanding £208 per month. Nationwide: Have stopped collections on my account for the next 30 days to give me some breathing space, however, I need to get in touch with them in the next 30 days to let them know how ill be repaying the debt, Capital One: Say before they can agree a payment plan with me they need to discuss it with me and have found talking to customers directly is the best approach. Would be nice for you guy to let me know the best way to approach each one, is it just send them letters with offers or ignore or what? Thank you so much for your help, without this forum id have no hope. Regards Steve
  9. HI Dx, I can afford £42 and it keeps them off my back as welll! So ill pay them and go from there. Thanks for your excellent advice.
  10. Hi dx100UK, Thanks for the really quick response. Was wondering if im better off waiting to get agreements in place with everyone to make sure their all happy and it is put to bed before I start paying in case someone just says no!? Regards
  11. Hi All, Got a letter from MBNA saying they will freeze everything etc and I can pay £42 per month (balance is £7600) they will default me but thats it. What do I do just pay it or send a letter saying I agree to pay and send them the money? Thanks as usual!!
  12. Hi All, I sent the letters a week ago and received only 1 reply. Im not in arrears yet but will be in the next few days. Nationwide have tried calling me but I have just ignored them is that the right thing to do? Thanks again for all the help.
  13. Ok, I did look at them yesterday. Ill send one to each lender recorded delivery right! Thanks again for your help.
  14. Hi There, We are only putting our second set of accounts in now so its unlikely that they would allow me to remortgage. I just need to get the payments down to around £300 a month, I dont care how long it takes to pay them off i just need some breathing space. What is the best way to do it, divide the money on a pro rata basis? and then send them the letters offering them the cash? Ive been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a a result of all this, do i mention this to the lenders? Thanks all for the help is has made me feel much better.
  15. Hi There, Thanks for that. I have not even given them an idea that I have any problems as yet. Shall I send them all the letter and just not pay until After Christmas? Thanks again you have been a great help. Regards
  16. Hi There, My wife knows everything: Barclaycard £10600 less than 10years old not in arrears MBNA £7800 less than 10 years old not in arrears Sainsburys card £7600 less than 10 years old not in arrears Capital One card £2800 less than 10 years old Nationwide card £5500 less than 10 years old Nationwide overdraft £3500 account 20 years old Secure trust bank £393 TV loan Hitatchi £2900 loan on car (not secured on car) Accord mortgages (£2000 underpayment on previous mortgage) I can post my income and expenditure if you think it will help?
  17. Hi There, Ive got myself in a bit of a financial mess in the last few years trying to keep a business running that was not making enough money. I have approx £43K of unsecured personal debt and cant afford the monthly repayments. I have a house with £140K equity but cant remortgage as dont have enough accounts to show the Halifax. I want to know the best way out of this, is it best for me to use Step change or similar to get a debt management plan in place or is it best for me to deal with lenders myself. I know my credit rating will go out the window but i dont care about that, I just want ot be rid of the stress, selling the house is not an option either as I have 3 kids wife etc and they all like it where we are. Please help as im at my witts end with all this, the debts are all up to date as of todays date but I cant afford the next months payments as its christmas and expectation is ever high. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Martin, If you could ask your friend that would be great. Will they just cut us off, or would they fit a pre pay metre? If the 7 days to pay ran out yesterday do you know how long it takes to get the court to rule etc etc? Thanks for your help. Regards
  19. Hi Martin, Approx 4 months. We have had arrangements but have generally broken them due to poor cash flow. The account for as long as I can remember has always been in arrears. Any advice would be great. Regards
  20. Dear All, I am secretary of a social club that is going through some hard times financially. I have been given a notice of intention to disconnect by british gas as we owe them £3.6K on the bill. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I have told them we can pay at the start of Feb but they are saying this will not stop their actions. How about if I complain to energywatch? How long will it take to get a warrant from the local court? Do they have to give us any notice? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, I recently went into a well known public house and purchased a well known american bottled beer. When I received and paid I sat down and the bottle had "multipck bottle not for individual resale" on the side of it. Have they broken any law or is it tough?
  22. Hi There, I sent off CCA requests last September to Cabot (Barclaycard) I followed the process 12+2 etc. They have just sent me a photocopy of their terms and conditions and an unsigned blank agreement. I phone them up as I kike a bit of banter with them and the woman was most insistant that what they sent had satisfied my request. I have sent the letter saying that they have failed to supply me a true copy of the original consumer credit agreement as per the templates on this site. What shall I do now just wait? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi There, I do not want to sound thick, but I am not familiar with the expression "Bump" what does this mean please. Regards
  24. Dear All, I purchased a kitchen from B&Q at Xmas last year 2008, and only today has it finally been completed to my satisfaction. I have paid over £600 more for installation as instructions were incorrect and I have taken 7 days holiday from work in order to be in to receive goods which should of been here months ago. They have said Ican claim for out of pocket expenses etc. What is the best way to go about this and what should I threaten them with? Realistically I want the money back from my holiday lost and compensation, all in all I reckon it has cost me in lost time and money approx £2K are they likely to pay this back? All help gratefully received. Regards
  25. Hi All, I have used a company called Knights Bridge Claims to CCA LTSB credit card. The card is about 10 years old. Got a letter will not put it all on but the main paragraph is: I write in repsponse to your request for a copy of your consumer credit agreement under section 78 of the consumer credit act 1974 (CCA) I have sent a copy of your original agreement, which has been updated with the current financial profile of your account, a copy of your current terms and conditions and a signed statement of your account to Knights Bridge Claims Management who are acting on your behalf. By providing them with these documents, we have satisfied our obligation to provide a copy of the executed agreement under section 78. There is no requirement under the CCA to provide you with a copy of the proginal signed agreement. We are endeavouring to locate the copy of your signed agreement but please be assured we would not have opened a credit card account without having sight of a signed agreement. For the avoidance of any doubt we have set out in the appendix to this letter your rights under section 78. Having satisfied our obligation under section 78, the agreement you have with us is fully enforceable and we shall continue to treat it as such. We will not be entering into any further correspondence with you regarding th provision of copy agreements. Blah Blah Blah. Anyone any comments please, I think they do not have any signed agreement and therefore is this unenforceable? Thanks in advance. Regards
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