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  1. Hi, I have tried reading through all the posts on here but it's mind boggling. Here is my case and if anyone can help me I would be most greatful. I, along with many others I am sure, am struggling to keep my head above water at the moment. I am running 2 Barclays bank account both have £500 overdrafts which I am up to the limit on each month as well as a Barclayloan (consolidation). I am paying interest on each overdraft and ppi on each which I pretty sure i neither agreed to or signed for. How can I go about claiming the interest back or at least stopping and claiming back the ppi I have paid. I can probably, with a little rootin around in my paperwork, get my hands on the last 6 years worth of bank statements if this helps. Massive headache all round at the moment and as I say any help greatly appreciated. Or have I missed the boat already. Please help.
  2. Hi, I am pretty sure i'll be duplicating what others have already asked but quite frankly this site is confusing me slighty. If someone could direct me I would greatly appreciate it. I have 2 Barclays bank accounts both running overdrafts. I get charged £4.00 per month on each account for overdraft protection which I am pretty sure I neither agreed to or signed for. I'm wondering if there is any way that I can reclaim these payment as I know PPI cover isn't worth the paper it's printed on but up until now I had wrongly assumed it was compulsory. Help, please!!!
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