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  1. I know it is confusing. Right say you are a husband, self-employed working from home. You want a mobile telephone so you go to your provider and ask for a mobile telephone for your business and your business use. The company then states “no you cannot have two accounts only one” and place all the other phones and services under one account. According to HMRC (Inland Revenue) to invoice correctly or to be a statement, they need to be addressed to a real person. IE Mr Peter Smith. If the person has a trading name then it would be required to Mr Peter Smith T/A Dove Security Systems. (The Dove
  2. About this case.... Invoices were being sent out to three letters literally might have well been “abc” or for that matter “mickey mouse.” They were not addressed to a legal person or entity. Had an HRMC inspection (work from home.) HMRC stated that the invoices had no face value (worthless) there is nothing on them to state “not a tax invoice” “this is not a statement” in fact the company stated that they were statements. No joy from company in serious trouble with HMRC over this. (Can claim tax and vat back on business use of home only a small percentage) but this was back dated
  3. Has a company the right to pass on your bank account details to a third party without your permission? IE their solicitor?
  4. Right first of all it is not a bank or building society the "cliamants have applied for a charging order and got one under protest" and the Court nows there are serious issues. So the charging order remains at the moment. Toady an interin third party debt order was made which means that a bak account is freezed on the day the bank gets it (thank god for overdrafts!)
  5. Can a creditor place a charging order on your home and later on place another order freezing your bank account? (More about this case later.) It will disgust many ........
  6. No its not a buisness premises its domestic. The serious issue is though without the statutory letter and 28 days from it the supplier cannot take legal action it is unlawful. They have to send out a demand in writing BEFORE doing anything and it is the supplier not the internal DCA or external DCA that has to do this. regards. Have not decided the best action to take yet could do with some help on this one, know the Courts will not take the matter lightly they have been used.
  7. Hope this don’t confuse many people.... Under the Utilities Act 2000 a warrant or any action can only be taken after the requisite period payment has not been made. (3) In this paragraph the “requisite period” means the period of 28 days after the making by the supplier of a demand in writing for payment of the charges due. The Utilities Act 2000 is clear in stating “the supplier” not a debt collection agency, or anyone acting on the supplier’s behalf. It is the supplier only. If the letter of demand has not been made then they cannot go to Court and obtain a warrant. Here is the impo
  8. sorry to butt in any case prededents or case law.
  9. Three CCA1974 requests sent only had three “application form fronts.” One has been altered after sending. Other does not bear the applicants signature on it. (Proven alibi in Hospital at the time.) Default notice issued as Company not complied. Threatened by voicemail and over the telephone. Told to put it in writing. Days later invoked debt collectors and solicitors so BOTH are chasing debt. Solicitor served papers to the Court with a “statement of account only” which is incorrect. As the person who “signed” the application forms has not been invoiced, the Direct Debits were reclaimed.
  10. Domestic premises being billed in company name of "ABC" (And this is not even right.) Direct Debits were reclaimed as they were invalid. (If they were the company could have just got them back.) So who should pay the bill "ABC" which you may as well invoice the dog as at least that is a living being! The Company concerned refused to alter "invoices" to the account holders name. Quote who should pay the bill "person named on the bill" On the contract has Name (not the persons signature.) And NOT on the bill as a company name but NOT correct HMRC sole trade should be Mr A.N.Other T/A "ABC" Anywa
  11. Hi if I go to adavnced I click on image and it opens a link to a url that I have to put in. If I click on the paperclip nothing happens what am I dong wrong?
  12. (1) Application form altered in 1999 after it was sent. They do not have the original and admitted to shredding it. Have just found out form was altered after sent to them. (2) Application form in 2001 also sent to us and NOT the persons signature. Also has alterations on it. Also albi as could not have been signed on the date. (3) Other services used but verbal call states "for your protection" at the start then other bits. (4) Forms do not refer to the Consumer Credit Act. (5) Company did not hold a Consumer Credit Licence until 2003. (6) Unfair terms used. "If used services deeme
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