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  1. I didn’t type the whole bit out as I thought it was a given that I understood the how, why and what after the clarification you gave me last week. .. you said give them 14 days and if they do nothing go to ICO as will be stated in accompanying letter.. . I meant sit back and do nothing with regard to the fact that the cheque reinforces that their purchased ‘debt’ is worth less than nothing
  2. So, just send them the default as advised before, say nothing about the ‘compensation’ and then sit back and do nothing?
  3. Sending the default notice on your advice above because OC defaulted the account on 02/04/14 (which doesn’t appear on credit report) and then Lowells defaulted it on 14/01/16 which is the day they bought the ‘debt’ (this appears on the credit report). Not sure what to do now... We will bank the cheque
  4. We received a refund cheque from N Brown Group today, along with a letter stating it is because they have recently completed an internal review with the FCA and concluded the PPP insurance sold ‘contained flaws’. The amount is £426.19; worked out as premiums £219.19, and interest £207.00); Lowells are trying to claim £984.16 as an alleged debt... (the rest is the charges and interest we tried to claim back). How does this affect the default on the account (if it does), and where do we go from here? I haven’t yet send the default notice. Mum is too scared to bank the cheque! Thanks
  5. Just so I am sure, we send Lowells a copy of the original default notice? Sorry if I am being stupid, this all feels like walking through a maze.
  6. I didn’t know that, thank you. So, as the default date has changed, what action, if any, should we take?
  7. The original default was 02/04/14 and there is no trace of it on the credit report. The Lowell one is on the credit report and states that it entered default on 14/01/16 which was the day they bought the debt from JDW according to their “Hello, we now own your soul so be afraid” threatogram. JDW/AW have refused to do anything about the unfair charges/interest, and the amount they allege we owe is made up of that so we are at stalemate. I am not sure what I have misread or misunderstood...
  8. Found it. Lowell put it into default the day they purchased the debt from JDW.
  9. LENDER Lowell UPDATED 18/05/2018 STATUS Default Date of default 14/01/2016
  10. Resurrecting a zombie thread: I checked mum’s credit report and Lowell’s have this listed on there as a default... can or should I try and get this removed? Thanks
  11. We did... today they offered us a discount... we only have to pay £500 odd to make it go away
  12. They have sent a threatogram today stating that, as they cannot contact us, they will be sending the account to their collections department or one of their approved debt collection agencies who will be instructed to contact us to discuss the debt and seek to recover the outstanding balance through the appropriate means. .. and that they can offer a 30% discount if we contact them... ��
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