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  1. Just to let everyone know as a follow up from my original post: I decided to igonre any letters that G24 sent to me. The last one they sent said about court action and debt collectors. That was well before Xmas. I haven't heard anything else since that one. The advice of 'ignore them' seems to have been the right thing to do. Happy parking afterall and no money for G24!. I am just thinking about sending them a fine for taking up space in my letter box. I have CCTV photos of the letters and everything! Youthy
  2. Hi I have read about the famous G24 and what to do if they send a 'parking charge notice' I have also had correspondance from these fun people except mine is a lil different.... I parked in medowall retail car park (pc world is there along with others.) left the car for 10-12 hours while i travelled into Sheffield on the tram. I did this for 6 days as i was working temporarily in the city. I have done this same trick about 2 years ago and it wasn't a problem. About 3-5 days later I get not one but 4 letters (and there might be more) saying how i have 'overstayed' my welcome. Ea
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