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  1. That's great, Many thanks!
  2. I was checking my credit report earlier and found a ccj I know nothing about. Judgment date 05/10/2011 Amount £ 288 Court name Northampton I have a court number but it doesn't say who I owe. How do I find more information on this? I do not recognise the amount at all. If its an old debt that I have paid, how do I remove it etc? Any advice would be splendid!
  3. No it just says £288 in the Northampton Court. I will start a new thread for that
  4. It doesn't mention NR or Lowell. I do have a CCJ for £288 from 2011 that I know nothing about lol.
  5. You are talking in code....I have no idea what you are telling me lol
  6. Nothing at all has been paid. i thought they had literally 'written it off'! lol. Critical is good! I just need to know if im okay to carry on as I am or if I am going to have some bailiff come and take my shoes! What is the FOTLM though?
  7. Oh I bet they laughed, it was very 'tongue in cheek' to be fair. Loan Started in 08/2004. Last Payment 14/02/2006 They sent me a copy of the signed agreement with my statement. I have loads of letters from Lowell but not sure if I have had a Notice of Assignment.
  8. My point is I have a statement from them saying the debt was written off, doesn't that mean it has gone? What is FOTLM?
  9. I have had a letter from Lowell regarding an old Northern Rock loan I had. When NR got into trouble and public money bailed them out, I wrote to them and explained that now the public owe the company, I (as a member of the public and therefore the boss) have decided to wipe the debt. I didnt hear back from them and now have Lowell demanding cash. I have argued that I don't owe them anything as my northen rock account is clear. I dont know how far I will get with this but this is how I have worked this, not sure if I will get away with it.... I read the 1882
  10. It first started the day we moved in. As we were carrying things in one of the neighbours came out and was shouting at us. Their family is well known in the area and I laughed at her. The van was on my drive, nothing obstructing or anything. My wife used to get along with the neighbours, I used to help them out all the time. I used to fix his pc, build his kids bed for him, gave him furniture and toys and playstations for the kids (which they then sold). I even paid for the people to fix his bed-bug problem and was always round there when he collapsed to pick him up. He has a bad back and
  11. Not sure if this is the right place but if someone could help, that would be great. For the last 9 years I have had problems with my neighbours. The last two years have been intense. My wife couldn't handle it and has left, she now lives 25 miles away because the stress is to much. My kids go and stay with my sister during holidays because they cannot handle being around here. The first time they went out to play in 18 months and the police were called and we had all manner of aggro even though everyone elses kids can play out and do as they please. My kids are not breaking anything
  12. Hi,My wife took out a mortgage years before I met her with her ex. The house was repossessed in 1995. About 5 years ago she got a letter asking for £17,274.50. She wrote a letter of authority for me to deal with it and I told them to get stuffed as I am sure it is staute Barred. We always leave a forwarding address when we move and had not heard anything for 10 years so i thought we would be okay. Is it statute barred? i received a letter today asking for the same amount and I am wondering what I can put in this letter so they get the point. It has been 15 years and I am hoping if you guys
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