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  1. Thanks everyone! CAAD, dont worry, when Lowells realise you arent going to be pushed around anymore they will back down, just like the school bully...
  2. Hi everyone, its been a while since ive been on, but ive had nothing to report...until now.... i received a letter from lowlifes saying that Lloyds couldnt furnish the details reqested due to the length of time. they have decided to close my account and cease all action unless Lloyds somehow finds the original agreement. £2970 gone Im over the Moon here guys, its such a relief to finally know that i dont have to be subjected to the crap that they dish out. I cant thank you all enough for your support and advice. It shows once again that the CAG is the ONLY place to
  3. Maybe i should send them a thank you letter...? lol
  4. Well today was the last day that Lowell could furnish me with the details i requested, and what a surprise...not a jot. So do i have to send them anything to say "you fail big time" sod off? or do i do nothing at all? I need to get some closure on this now i think...
  5. Lie mode activated... Im really saddened to hear this terrible news, its such a sad day when bad things happen to good people such as the warm and friendly people at Welcome finance. I really do hope, from the bottom of my heart that they are able survive the current financial issues that we face as a country, nay, Family at this moment in time. How will they cope on what little money they have, im not going to able to sleep tonight, Quick, someone arrange a whip round...the poor babys... Lie mode off...
  6. I think you are right, but im too polite to swear.... Thank you for your kind words and support, its funny how we all know that we have made mistakes along the way, and all we want to do is sort the problems out in the quickest way possible, without causing ourselves even more distress, but its B'stards like Lowlifes who are allowed to keep trading, keep putting pressure on poor unguided people, who get so desperate they contemplate ( and sometime commit) suicide, i honestly dont know how they sleep at night. Im even more disgusted that the governing bodies do nothing to stop co
  7. All i want is aletter from them stating that the account is closed, if they cant provide me with the details i have requested (and paid for...even if its a £1!), i consider the matter closed...i dont want them to "leave the door open ajar" just to be able to try the again in the future...
  8. Hello again folks, righty its fast coming up to the 14th day after the dispute letter was sent and still i have not had a dicky bird from Lowells... was expecting to get a letter of some discription from them at theast asking for part payment, again nowt...so basically do i consider the case to be closed after this, and send something to Lowells to that effect?
  9. Might be best to wait the next few days to see what they are doing regarding the overdue original request.
  10. so, with no record being on my file anymore, can Lowell pursue the debt further, regardless of all the above?
  11. Ok a strange question that relates to all this... Ive just seen my credit report from Experian, and amongst other things the alleged debt with Lloyds/Lowell does not exist...nothing, zip, nada... i have had 2 credit searches from Lowell (both without my permisson) but Nothing to say i own money to either...could this rule in my favour?
  12. I would say that as you returned to the shop to actually pay, that would go in your favour, most criminals that come in to where i work dont come back to pay... And as for getting caught shoplifting when you were 13...it will have no effect on whatever happens now. Also, you wont go to prison for this.
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