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  1. thanks for the feedback... Im not disputing the debt.. Will try the subject access request.
  2. Should I correpond with RMA or Amex ? Also there no payment due as I haven't had any statements from Amex since I have been dealing with the RMA... I havent got any agreed payments my understanding was it goes pending until the CCA is produced, but maybe I have misundestood this... I'm slightly confused so any help would be appreciated of how to best move forward..
  3. pablop_p_p

    amex cca help

    Wonder if I could get some advise.. Recently after failing on hard time after being with Amex for near on 10 years, I missed 2 payments, called them explained circumstances, and agreed a time line with them to catch up with those 2 payments, came of phone beleiveing all was fine.. 2 days later call from RMA telling me my account had to closed and sent to them (no formal notication for 14 days from amex) and very agressive manner, and the amount have doubled... Anyhows after doing some research on net, sent a CCA letter recieved standard reply back (dated) on July 17th informing me that prepare the info's with 12 days.. which is no overdue. So I now dont know where to go from here (all the calls and hassling have stoped now from RMA) since the CCA went in... So my questions are.. 1- Do I need to do anything as the CCA hasnt been sent. 2- I undertsand that if a CCA isnt produced they cant enforce the allegded debt.. Is this true, if not what process' can they take... I'm self emplyed, so concerned any perosnal issues may effect my livelyhood and that banking/credit facility. Thanks Pab
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