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  1. I totally understand that your experince was your's alone, but i am just pointing out that you CAN take a solicitor and my ex husband did not have to pay, he got the advice and the solicitor through contacting THE COMMUNITY LEGAL ADVICE WEBSITE. on how to handle an interview under caution and it clearly states that you should take a independant advisor or a solicitor to attend with you. If somebody is worrled or nervous then having one in room interview might be of reassurance to them and they can also take notes for you so you have somthing to refer back to and tell you if they have a st
  2. This is not strictly true unless things have changed since your first IUC, my ex partner had a IUC yesterday and was advised by CAB to get a solicitor to go with him which he did and the same solicitor was there to to support 3 other people who also had appointments, his case was sorted there and then but the solicitor told if that if they had decided to persuse him then he would get help.
  3. Well we will never know. They must do IUC's in batches as the lawyer had been in with the previous client before my ex,and another in the afternoon, but he said the girl was really very nice so i think proberbly not in this case, i think he was just lucky to get one of the more balanced members of the fraud team, they have to do their job and if they treat people with respect am sure it makes the whole process better to deal with for all concerned.But sadly like in any job your going to get a quota of little Hitlers.
  4. You poor people, sounds like you have been to Hell and back. As i said on my thread regarding my ex husband he had the IUC today and the lady was very nice and repectful explained everything clearly and listen to what he had to say then explained that she thought it was unlikely that it would go any further and not to worry. Sounds like they could use a few more like her on their investigation teams!
  5. Well he went today and as suspected it was about the joint bank account and they had the statements at the interview. He explained what had happend in the past and it was all over in half hour, the interviewer explained that the interview had to be typed up and be viewed by the manager for a decison and this would take a few weeks as she then the manager were on holiday. But both she and the lawyer that attended the interview with him said that it was unlikely any further action would be taken and that he just needed to sever the financial links that he had with me. I guess
  6. well the evidence i assume they are likely to have will be in the form of mail i had sent there and the joint bank account, unless they have photos of me visiting the children at his house from over two years ago, i have only been there i think about 3 times in total in the last 2 years and i was i germany for 6 months of that!
  7. thanks for clarifiying that, as this is the thing that is worrying him, as for the past he will just tell the truth and then its up to them to decided if they believe him or not. assuming that this is what it was all about!
  8. I spoke to a solicitor who then phoned my ex and explain that this is a criminal investigation and it really is in his best interests to have someone with him, thankfully he has took this on board and the solicitor has phoned the job center and had the meeting rescheduled for the middle of August when he can attend with my ex husband.i will let you know how he gets on, in the mean time any advice anyone can give would be most helpful. a question if someone can answer it please. it is going to be vey easy to clarify and prove that my ex husband is not co-habiting with anyone at the
  9. thanks for that info Erika, apart from the mail (now only the bank statement and possibly some junk mail) they have little else to go on really and as for the joint account statements if they have them then i can explain that and also get them to check that i went to the bank two years ago to get the address change and my details have been registered at my new address for 2 years. he has his own account and all bills and benefits are paid to and from this account, he has never ever used the joint account form the day it was opend. i have not even visited the house on any kind of a regular ba
  10. thank you, i have just spoken to him and he is has phoned them to get the interview brought forward to tomorrow! i told him to get it put off and get some advice first and then get an appointment, but he said he wants to go and see what its all about first, he said he is going to go in say he is here to listen to whats it is all about then answer the questions "i cant answer that i need to get advice" i dont think he realises how serious this is. as i said i can only prove where i have been for the last two years, the ironic thing is that i never worked from us divorcing until a couple of
  11. hello, Basically my ex husband whom my two children live with 15 and 14 (14 is severely disabled and dad is full time carer for him) has been called in for an interview under caution the reason being is that they beleive he is co-habiting with someone, he is not even in a relationship at this time and has not been for some years. i myself up until a couple of years ago had a lot of mental health problems and this is why children lived with him, i lead a very transient life, i had contact with the children when he felt i was well enough and although it was hard he knew i had problems
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