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  1. I'm still trying to decide what to do.... If I ignore, am I just going to keep on getting letters for all eternity? And will it affect my credit rating if I don't pay? I have decided to write to Boots though. Not now, but when the baby goes to school. I will take great delight in enclosing copies of all the receipts for baby products that I have bought from elsewhere to show them exactly how much business they have lost from me. In the two weeks since my ban I already have a couple of hundred pounds worth of receipts
  2. Button1 - did he/she ever answer this question for you?
  3. I have a free legal advice helpline attached to my house insurance. I think it might be an idea to discuss the matter with them as I need to be absolutely certain that whatever I do has the minimum impact to mine and my family's future. Thank you for all your help Martin and everyone else. I have spent ages reading through all the threads on here but I couldn't find anyone whose situation matched mine or was even close really. I have a lot to lose so am obviously very cautious about going in all guns blazing. Thanks again.
  4. How long would I be on RLP's database for? Is it a permanent thing?
  5. I'm not sure I understand? Why would they need to update my details if I have paid? They must have sooooo many people on their databases, are you telling me that they check and update peoples info daily? My credit file is impeccable. I have been with the same bank for years and I have only ever had one credit card which is rarely used. I don't use catalogues and the last loan that I had was paid up in 2005. Would / could RLP out something on my credit file even if I have paid? And if they did would my bank really care given my past history with them? How would RLP have access to my credi
  6. Oh gosh! That is a lot of letter writing! I'm worried about pushing it with Boots as they did threaten to involve the police if I took it further. At the end of the day I did commit a criminal act abeit unintentionally and they did have every right to involve the police. If I got a caution then it would be the end of my job so I really, really can't risk getting the brunt of a the store managers bad mood So basically I have to pay it don't I? With regards to the change of address, I meant for the purposes of an employer searching RLP's databases. If I pay now, then this address will go
  7. So do I send a letter asking them to justify their charge? Or do I just ignore them and hope they go away? You say 30+ cases not gone to court - how long has the longest one been going on for? Will I be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life? I can't risk any blemishes on my credit file either as I'm likely to be applying for a mortgage soon.... What will happen if I mark all correspondance from RLP as return to sender? Would they be able to track me down? If so how? And how did RLP get a case to high court? Surely that is for high profile murder cases and such. Thou
  8. Thank you Martin Would someone please be able to tell me what excatly to expect if I don't pay RLP? Right now I'm just wanting to put everything behind me. I don't think writing to Boots will do any good seeing as I did actually remove items from the store albeit unintentionally. For all intents and purposes anyone viewing the CCTV footage of me in the store would probably come to the conclusion that I did it on purpose (unless the person viewing is extremely sympathetic and had possibly been in a similar situation themselves ) I've been getting so worked up over this, I've b
  9. A quick update: I've had a letter from RLP today demanding £137.50. Should I pay it and put an end to this awful nightmare? I've been losing so much sleep over this If I pay it, what are the consequences?
  10. Thank you Button It is good to know I am not alone. I am a well known and respected member of quite a few parenting forums online and groups in real life and I have a lot of fellow parents behind me already. So basically Boots came down too heavy handed on someone who made a genuine sleep deprived error and as a result they have lost a lot of customers who are quite happy to take their business to Superdrug or Tesco instead . My entire family will no longer shop at Boots either. That is going to be a lot of lost business for them. Nevermind eh? I'm really angry though. Namely beca
  11. I was shopping in Boots yesterday with my two children who are 4 years old and 5 weeks old. I was supposed to be meeting my mum in law but I got there a bit early so I went into Boots to start my shopping. I had a list of things to get for the baby as long as my arm and £50 of Boots vouchers to pay for it all that I was given as a gift when the baby arrived. I selected a couple of items and put them on the pram. My 4 year old starts to pester me about getting a new beaker to which I have to repeatedly say no. I ask her to put it down. The baby throws up and I grab a muslin cloth out of m
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