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  1. I have found that Bailiffs seem to thrive when they find out you are in the "Vulnerable" group, it seems to spur them on, personally I have had to deal with Bailiffs who wont give up and get very rude ! they are chasing a debt for some-one who has never lived at my address and have emigrated, the telephone calls never stopped until a family member rang them and told them that they were harrassing a family that was dealing with someone who was terminally ill, and She would sending them a demand for payment for harrassment ! they stopped ! I agree with an earlier post in that in this day
  2. dear old bryan carter up to his old tricks lol chancing his arm and relying on people not knowing what their rights are !
  3. i had same thing, 1 debt,although it was listed,was sold on to 5 dca's, i just informed my OR,everytime i received a threatening letter from one of them.
  4. i went bankrupt in 2005,my OR was marvellous,i like you was really not looking forward to my phone interview,but it was nothing to worry about in the end. if i had a problem she was only a phone call away, i had a problem with 1 company that kept insisting on "selling on" my "debt" to 5 debt collectors!! the OR,when i informed her,took the details of the 5 dcr's,and then told me to "have fun",i asked her wot she meant, i rang them, and "had fun" (hehehe), the dcr's would ask me if i was gonna pay,i said no,they would then get on their moral high horse and demand payment lol then i w
  5. fuzzybobble,i checked some of those dca's on facebook,omg, eversheds llp a partner there was made prince charles "ambassador" for 2009...wait for it.....for his commitment to"responsible business" lolol
  6. have been looking on facebook for more dca's! had to laugh,found 1 based in buffalo ny,they even have a yearly ball !lolol
  7. think i will start looking on fb for some more,!! who else is looking?? lol are they this stupid ! yessssssssssssssssssssss lol
  8. no sorry, never get their names now, just blow a whistle or the alarm,its quite ear-splitting lol
  9. i have had some phone calls and some silent ones! from a company called "vanquis" for someone who doesnt live at my address,got so fed up telling them,have now bought a rape alarm,thats what they got the last time they rang! anyone heard how loud they are ! hehehehe
  10. have just had a phone call from "Home Services Marketing" purporting to be "3". trying it on basically,offering the usual upgrades, they also had my full name, "Home Services Marketing" i found their name on the website "whocallsme" it was a freephone number they had used. they got the rough end of my tongue !! (easy really,they rang at wrong time hehehe,hubby hadnt done the washing up !! )
  11. i just like the reaction from dca's,when they're told they cant get any money lol,they cannot threaten me anymore,! i just "threaten" them with the or,
  12. i went br in 2005,and was clear in 6 months, the or was soooo nice,so was the judge,he told me not to worry about nething ne more!! as was said before a weight was lifted,it took me a good 6 months to actually go for the br,shame and all the other feelings that go with it. will say tho that its not for every1. i had nothing so didnt lose nething, the funny thing was some dca's,one creditor "sold" a debt 5 times to different dca's, rang the or every time i received threatening letter,her reaction was "not again"! or told me i could have some "fun",this is what happened, dca--are you going
  13. like it ! i wonder.....!!!! may be worth a try. as said before,they dont know any law or they choose not to!
  14. their interest rate is 177% , i think !? extortionate or what ?
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