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  1. Stick with it, when our C2 VTS was written off the first offer we got was £5000. The car was only 2 years old and we stuck with it and sent of autotrader ads for similar spec cars and ended up getting £6900 which was a much better price.
  2. Result, A nice cheque for £4500 was in the post today courtasy of TWG.
  3. Just a quick update...... Had a phone call today from an adjudicator at the FOS today saying that TWG are in the wrong as far as he is concerned and he will be contacting them letting them know they should pay up. Of course TWG now have the option to appeal which will then go onto then ombudsmen whos decision will be final. We shall sit tight and wait and see.
  4. It's clear there trying to pull a fast one. We've contacted the fos who will be writting to them on our behalf so we'll see what that turns up but in the mean time the very helpfull mr whelan has taken the claim details and I'm hoping to hear something back next week. Hopefully he will be able to shed some light and give us a straight answer to our enquires.
  5. So we made a complaint by letter asking many questions as to why the claim was denied and basically got a poorly written letter back avoiding all the points we made and saying they denied the claim because the subwoofer that they cant proove was wired up although not visable may be audible and there fore putting the car in a higher insurance risk group. In regards to the emails from Mr Whelan they ignored what we said and told us he's saying they will not be covered, yes the value wont be but it doesnt invalidate the policy. We've now contacted the FOS as TWG cant and wont give us an
  6. Ok so we finally have a copy of the vehicle inspection report from TWG. The report was carried out by DEKRA. They say they dont carry out these reports to find ways to invalidate claims but the report says... "Please check for optional extras and any non-standard fittings or modifcations" Followed by the cars details then a list of yes/no options for exterior,interior,electrical,gearbox. Now the interesting part. Under inspection comments it reads.... "Todays inspection found this vehicle to be fitted with standard equipment apart from a high rear spoiler fitted to the tail
  7. GAP only pays out for for manufacturer fitted extras if they are part of the invoice value, if you have dealer fitted extras after they cannot be claimed for but it doesnt invalidate your claim. All other GAP companys ive contact state that in-car entertainment isnt a modification. Click4gap actually put this in there terms.... Vehicles fitted with Non Manufacturer specified modifications including but not limited to engine modifications; up-rated brakes, roll cages; steering column extension. Modifications such as alloy wheels, in-car entertainment, sat-nav, hands-free kit, roof rai
  8. No not yet, its on the list of things to do. As far as we knew the warranty group had this report weeks ago and it wasnt untill last friday they decided they werent going to pay out. I'll find out tomorrow how many inspections were carried out and try and get copies.
  9. The motor insurance company have it, they are waiting for our confirmation of there final offer before they dispose of the car. I need to check but i'm not sure if the GAP had there own inspection carried out.
  10. Well the policy was taken out with Bristol Street Motor Scheme and the policy was underwritten by Aon at the time. All comunications and letters have been to The Warranty Group now as Aon seems to no longer exist. They said they are going by what the indepedent engineers report said and its them that have told them the car is modified. We have requested a copy of this report.
  11. Hi everyone, after abit of advise and to see if this has happened to anyone else before. The story goes... We brought a brand new car back in 2007 and took out GAP with the dealer, citroen.The underwriter of the GAP is The Warranty Group. Over a month ago the car was written off when a 76 year old lady drove into the back of us when stationary at 40mph. We filled out all the appropriate forms and were told there were no problems with the engineers report and the only dispute was the amount our motor insurance was offering us. We finally got to the stage where all we were waitin
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