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  1. It was Northampton Court and i don't have anything that tells me a judgement has been served against me.
  2. I have just pulled up my credit report and it was July 2008. Thanks
  3. Oh no, i received an AOE form through the post this morning, which must mean they already got a CCJ. Is there anything else i can do or is it best to make an agreement with them. Thanks
  4. Sorry to sound like a complete idiot but this debt is quite old it dates back to about 2003 i think, i was working away at the time and my girlfriend started getting letters, i am sure this debt was taken to court and she made an agreement to pay off some amount every month, she didn't challenge this as we had no ideas about these unenforcable agreements. She stopped paying after a while and then they chased again and i started challenging it, so i am sure it has already been sent to court and in that case that is why they are applying for an AOE. Do i not have a leg to stand on so to speak?? Thanks
  5. Sorry i just re-read the replies, i was having a moment!! Do you mean that they won't be able to do an AOE unless they have already taken it to court, so to get an AOE they would have to prove to the court that they have a credit agreement with my name on it. So i shouldn't receive an AOE and if i do it means that they have proved to the court that i am responsible for the debt and in that case i will have to pay, but if they have done this then why won't they provide me with a copy. Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the replies, so do i just wait for this aoe to come through or not and what should i do if i do receive one. The account is for a credit card. Thanks
  7. I have been asking for a copy of a signed credit agreement from Halifax for a while, they didn't send one so i sent the next letter, i then received a credit agreement but it wasn't signed, so i sent the relevant letter but they said i am responsible for this payment and they won't accept what i am saying. I then wrote to them asking for a signed copy of my credit agreement and stated that this was not under the consumer act 1974, but i needed the original copy, they then said that this is what they are sending me and again it was an unsigned copy, they then said that they will now apply for an attachment of earnings. Can anyone help me please as i do not know what to do next? Thanks
  8. Hi Thanks for this, i did have a read through what you said, so i sent a letter to them asking for a signed copy of my original credit agreement and stated that this was not a request under the 1974 Consumer Credit ACT. They then sent me a another 2 credit agreements which were still unsigned, they have now sent a letter saying basically that they beleive i am responsible and they don't have to send me a signed copy and they will now be sending it to court for an attachment of earnings. I would appreciate any help in this matter as i do not have a clue what to do now. Thanks
  9. I am trying to find some information out, my mother in law had to default on a loan with TSB because she had to retire due to ill health, she made an agreement with them to reduce the loan payments, but i have just checked her statement and she will never pay this off, or it will take her forever. Every time she pays they take it back off her in interest, am i wrong in thinking that as it is with the collections centre they should be freezing the interest, or is that just once it has gone to a DCA. I am probably wrong on both accounts but hey you don't find out unless you ask!!! If you can help or advise please do, thanks
  10. Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me, i am new to this so fingers crossed posting in the right place. I have received my CCA request but it isn't signed, they are saying that they do not have to provide me with a signed copy under section 77 and reject my claims entirely. All the other information is on there but there are no signatures on it anywhere. I would be very grateful for some help and what i do next.
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