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  1. Hi - its private let - but the landlord says she is not insured and cannot afford to reinstate the door let alone the patio door - and says she will paint over the boarding up done by the locksmith. Age concern still say that they will not make repairs.
  2. Any advice appreciated. An elderly friend was burgled a few days ago and contacted her Insurers (Age Concern) who checked her policy and sent a locksmith to make temporary repairs to the door used to gain entry. The Locksmith reported back to them to say that there was damage also to a window and Patio Door where they had also used a screwdriver to try and gain entry. She is a tenant in a ground floor flat and has been told by her landlord that her insurance should pay for the new door etc however now Age Concern have rang and told her that her landlord is responsible. The land
  3. Last week, a car crashed off the road, demolished my dwarf wall, went through the garden and crashed into my car which was on the drive. The driver, who was drunk and driving her husbands car, ran off but subsequently gave herself up to police and has been charged. My car, an old Punto is likely to be written off but I have not finished paying for it until July. I know that I can claim for the wall and for established plants but it doesnt seem fair that I will only get about £500 for the car but I still owe £556 on it ! Any suggestions gratefully received - I do have Legal Assi
  4. To obtain probate we have to obtain an affidavit of due execution from one or both of the attesting witnesses - can anyone tell me the wording as it seems to be covered in the solicitors law of silence ! I appreciate it is a technical aspect of probate law but I like to understand what they are doing on my behalf. Can anyone point to any templates / samples - even a rough example would give me an idea ! Thanks
  5. Hi Halowitch Hopefully this works ! Here are the scans http://i685.photobucket.com/albums/vv214/DAISY23_bucket/Notification.jpg http://i685.photobucket.com/albums/vv214/DAISY23_bucket/NoticeofRemoval.jpg
  6. Yes - I received two separate 5 day letters I paid each completely separately (the system does not let you enter two reference numbers) within 10 mins of each other I paid £92.88 on the £80 ticket reference which totalled £97.16 inc surcharge I paid £122.88 on the £110 ticket reference which totalled £128.54 inc surcharge I rang and queried the allocation of the funds but did not get any sort of satisfactory response - i was told to "butt out" basically - if I asked any sort of tricky question, I was rebuked for being agressive (which I wasnt at all)
  7. Hurrah Halowitch ! - multiple charges - I didnt think they could but they have argued that they can - nope - that is what they charged to call (without knocking again) to collect the outstanding £71 (which if above is correct should be £32.90) The Notice of Removal Expenses was included in Subject Access Request Bundle which I am trying to make sense of now !
  8. Ahhh so I paid the tickets and letter fees but owed £71.81 for two "First Visit" fees - so they sent another Bailiff with "Notice to Remove" at a cost of £130 odd to collect it - hey presto I owe £207 ! What a license to print money eh ! (I would've paid if he'd knocked so thats why I didnt pay for the "First Visits" - he must have skipped like a ballerina for me not to have heard him on our gravel)
  9. I asked for clarification of account and now I'm completely confused - I have paid what they said was the outstanding balance (as I was due to go away and did not want there to be any chance of these bullies harrassing my elderly mother). Do these charges seem right to you ? I'll put my hands up to two unpaid parking tickets, letter fees and begrudgingly a visit fee (as I was behind the door when he put it throught and would have paid it there and then if he had knocked). (Sorry I'm new ! ) This apparently shows how I still owed £207.51 despite having paid the PCNs!
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