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  1. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being thick but what does sb'ed mean? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice please. I took out a mortgage with Kensington in 1998. I redeemed the mortgage 2 years later. The original loan was £52,000 and I paid them £64966.50 in 2000. I have my SAR and cannot make head or tail of it. I was in arrears but was paying them back by arrangement. There are a lot charges on my account I asked Kensington (nicely) to refund these charges, they offered my £123 + 8% interest. I forward complaint to FOS. FOS have phoned me today to say because it is 12 years ago they can't help. Now my questions: How do I calculate e
  3. Quick update FOS have replied saying Minicredit will not write off debt. Offer is loan amount minus interest in full and final settlement. They also say Minicredit had every right to default my credit file as they have a responsibility to show true state of account. My questions now are should I accept this settlement and I thought they could not default an account whilst in dispute. I have complained to oft and ico. Advice urgently needed. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies. Minicredit placed the default on My file in jan
  5. Anyone got any ideas on where I go from here please.
  6. I have today received a email from mac hall offering to negoiate repayment plan on balance minus the interest. Also checked my credit file and they have defaulted me for nearly two thousand pounds. They updated that in jan I thought they could not do that whilst account is in dispute. How do I get that removed
  7. Yes I have a reference number I even have the offer of writing off the debt in full and final settlement in an email and a letter that arrived saturday
  8. Thanks very much. Going to use that link now will keep you updated
  9. Who should I get back in touch with FOS? They have said mini credit are saying not my account
  10. Spoke To FOS today apparently because I have loaned from mini credit in the past I am not included in debts they will write off. The md if mini credit has stated categorically no to writing off my debt. FOS have advised that I accept the offer if repaying the debt without the charges as that is what the adjudicator would rule
  11. Thanks for the replies. I do have the offer in writing and an acceptance form which I signed and sent back to the FOS. So I am clear then, going forward, I should not speak to either mini credit of FOS on the phone. What is my next course of action, should I complain about FOS and if so who to? Mini credit have an open account on my credit file should balance as nearly £3000, are you saying they won't update that anymore and add a default. I have to say I really upset about this, to be offered and accept an arrangement that has now been withdraw - surely that is not right. Sh
  12. Hi all, A long term lurker but this is my first post. I really need some advice please. I had loan with mini credit which I defaulted on. I contacted them before the due date, explained the situation and asked to come to an arrangement. I will completely ignored. The original loan was £760 and they have continually hiked on charges and it now stands at approx. £2700. I contacted FOS as mini credit were ignoring me and raking up the interest. FOS called me on Monday to say mini credit had agreed to completely write off some debts, mine being one of them. They then ema
  13. Hi I am new to this forum and have spent ages reading the very informative threads.I would like a bit of advice please.I have had various mortgages from Kensington, SPML, Mortgages PLC and am now with Preferred Mortgages. I have remortgaged each time, and have paid late payment charges on all of the above mortgages as well as paying £1000's in ERP's. Am I right in thinking that all the above mortgages effectively were under Capstone (who is now my mortgage provider) and if so would I be wise to write off these debts as I do not want to upset my current provider.Thanks
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