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  1. Hi Sick of Legal Bullies Follow my posting on 16 Dec 2012. Bottom of previous page. Pleased to discuss.
  2. I wonder if the new shareholders knew of these cases?
  3. It would appear from Companies House filings that Commercial First have disposed of all of their subsidiaries which owned the equitable rights (financial benefits) of their entire mortgage book.
  4. Your actions yesterday worked and were appreciated but then microsoft played some funny games can you repeat please.
  5. Have major experience with Commercial First problems. My understanding is that the only recourse is through the Courts. There is a group of us trying to work together by making a combined force. Having difficulty in making contact with each other through this forum. I can be contacted as follows: TJC123"at"outlook"dot"com
  6. Interested to make contact send me a private message. Think you may need to have had 10 postings though. Cheers TJC123
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