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  1. I live in a block of apartments in a town centre, which has its own gated 'residents only' car park. The residents are issued with parking permits (nothing more than a piece of paper with your car registration written on in biro and a year of issue). A couple of years ago I wasn't sent a permit so contacted the company I rent my apartment from and they apologised and said they'd failed to send a few out. They said until I received my new one just to alter the year on the permit with a pen! I did this, and no more than a few days later discovered a parking ticket on my car (in the residents' car park). I refused to pay the ticket on the grounds that this was just plain ridiculous, and have not paid it to this day That said, I do not like the idea of having this unpaid parking ticket (my one and only ever traffic offence) putting a 'black mark' against my name Therefore, can anyone offer any advice how best to resolve this? Paying the ticket is the obvious answer but I am still reluctant to do so :-| True, I was not displaying a 'valid permit' but this was the fault of the rental company, and they admitted as much but suddenly washed their hands of the situation when I was issued with a ticket Is the local authority even within its rights to issue a parking fine to a vehicle that is parked on private property ... property that I am allowed (and actually pay) to park on!? I cannot understand how they even have the power to issue fines when the car park is private and not council owned?! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks again! By the way, this article makes for interesting reading ... Banks give up defending penalty bank charges
  3. Thanks once again, saintly_1, for your prompt and valued advice I'd glad to learn that my case is essentially 'on hold' and hasn't been dismissed, which is what I was beginning to believe. I'm not sure sure that I feel confident enough to make any amendments to my claim, as I was pretty much copying and pasting all the legal terminology straight from the internet and then just inserting my amounts and figures.
  4. Ahhh! I missed that bit. Many, many thanks. I shall try this and I hopefully post what happens Just out of curiosity, what happens if my local county court (that being Dewsbury) also stays my claim?
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply, saintly_1 So, just to clarify, does this mean the claim that I made is now complete and that I've failed in my action. If so, is there any point now pursuing another claim!? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really don't know where I stand. Thanks in advance.
  6. The Halifax have taken over £3000 from me in bank charges over the past 8 years. This has been a time when I have suffered a great deal of financial hardship and been made redundant twice. During this time I wrote to the Halifax on several occasions asking if they could show some leniency relating to their bank charges while I got back on my feet, but their response was basically 'tough, it's not our problem'. I have learnt the hard way that the happy, customer friendly image they convey through advertising is nothing but a lie shrouding the truth. Anyway, this year I decided enough was enough so, using on-line guides and forums such as this, I set about claiming the past six years charges back; which amount to roughly £2500 (a small fortune to me). I have a £900 overdraft with the Halifax which is infuriating, as it's necessity is a direct result of their charges! They fobbed me off with automated response letters but I continued through the motions until I eventually came to the point where involving the courts became my only real option, so I did. After submitting my claim to the court (which I did online) I received documentation back stating 'The defendant says that the amount you are claiming has been paid (see attached Form N9B)' and there were details of the 'test case', which you may be aware of. As not a penny of my bank charges has been paid back to me personally this seemed ludicrous and actually offensive. I was asked to complete a form asking how to proceed and so I checked the box stating 'I wish to proceed with the claim' and returned it. This morning I have now received a letter from Northampton County Court (after completing my claim online this is who all the correspondence has been coming from, which I found a little odd as I live in West Yorkshire). It simply reads ... 'I write with reference to your request to proceed with the above case (case number quoted). We are unable to transfer the case as it is an Office of Fair Trading case pending the outcome of the case currently with the High Court.' Can anyone make sense of this and advise me how I should now proceed? To me, that appears to be drawing a line under my case and informing me that I've failed in my claim. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
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