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  1. Heres the link; CATTLES Discussion CTT CTT.L - Interactive Investor Incidentally, and I know this is strange for this forum but I had a very productive interaction with WF yesterday; they were very helpful about my sitaution and appeared to be wanting to help me rather than grab every penny they could. Didn't sense any alterior motive (other than a gentle encouragement to consider an early settlement). It was all quite surreal! Maybe the staff are rebelling by being nice to customers; I'm sure they all know the end is nigh.
  2. Looks like they may fight on a bit longer than expected yet...... UPDATE 1-Cattles' creditors deal blow to wind-up request | Reuters This prob means they will exist for longer than we hoped. However I'm sure the end is still soon.
  3. Merry Xmas to all and a I hope 2010 is a prosperous one (except for Welcome Finance!)
  4. I second the above. The people on this site do help but its not their jobs and they can't be here all the time. A lot of it is just reading through and taking bits of advice if and where you can. Keep up the good work Post et al
  5. Now that Welcome as we know it have bitten the dust I feel we need a thread for those with different types of loans. I have a secured loan initially for £15,000 but current balance is £15,700 despite me having paid back in excess of £3,600 already! (I've missed one payment). I have nearly 14 years left at £300 a month (its a long story why I took the loan). Anyway I was just wondering what might happen to those loans like mine? Will it be sold on? Will the charge remain on the house? I don't mind paying back what I borrowed, obviously keen to avoid the ridiculous interest if poss..
  6. Yeah which also states; "The Company has already had discussions with a number of holders of the 2014 Bonds and the 2017 Bonds to consider the proposals upon the terms and conditions set out in the relevant CSMs, and has received irrevocable undertakings from Bondholders representing 79.91 per cent. of the 2014 Bonds and 77.81 per cent. of the 2017 Bonds (in each case by nominal value) to vote in favour of the resolutions to be put to the Bondholder meetings in relation to the proposals. The proposals require support of at least 75 per cent. of each series of Bonds and, therefore, the Com
  7. Hi Post got it from here and other sources; Cattles agrees standstill agreement with creditors - Telegraph The Shareholders and Bondholders will just agree to allow them to carry on IMO to try and save their shares. Not convinced the Shareholders will be asked to stump up cash.
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I think Cattles will survive for a long while yet. A further standstill with the banks has been agreed in principle and both the bondholders and shareholders will agree to this given the alternative. The company will be restructured with central collections rather than the ability to collect door to door. Shame really but I do hope I'm wrong.
  9. Don't worry i do not pay a thing over what I should. I know these lot prey on people with the least money and nothing will give me greater delight than to see them go bust if and when they do.
  10. I will do but unfortunately the call was not recorded and nor did I get the name of the woman i spoke to as she called on a mobile and tricked me into calling her back by not saying where she was from on the message.
  11. I got a call from Welcome yesterday. The woman I spoke to asked me to put my arrears on credit card. I'm sure there not allowed to propose paying debt with more debt.
  12. Hi all, New to the forum and I have a secured loan with Welcome. Something tells me all is not right with this loan as its seems to be going up rather than down! From reading around I'm aware I must first send a SAR, but can't seem to find the best address to send it to? Any help on this one would be appreciated. Cheers
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