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  1. Afternoon All, Just after a bit of Advice. Got in from work to find 2 Demands for Past Due Credit Solutions on behalf of Southern Electric. This is my First house been in since April 21st. The house used to be with EDF now its with N Power.. I rang them and they wanted me to send them proof that it wasn't me!! I've never had any dealings with them. I said I weren't prepared to send them my documentation to prove the bills weren't mine. He said it related to a previous address which is my parents. (my dad has the same intials as me) he then wanted me to ring my dad and get him to call them. I said i weren't prepared to do this as its their job!! I'm a bit worried about this - where did they get my address from? I have asked them to take it off the file but if they have been doing credit searches etc without my permission i wont be happy. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  2. finally got through to them. they asked me to send me bank statement to them to show the payment to first credit. so they obviously did sell it on
  3. Hi There, I recently have been receiving letters from mackezie hall stating I owe about £119 for an old single point phone i had. However, in about July 09 i paid this debt to another debt collection company (1st credit), where the debt was on £93 and i settled for £67. I received a letter confirming it was closed etc. I know i am in the right but my problem is that the 2 letters have seperate reference numbers on them. I have only ever had 1 account with singlepoint - the one i paid. I have tried calling mackenzie hall several times regarding this but it just rings twice and then goes to voicemail (i leave messages). can anyone help me or give me advice?
  4. had my statement today from capquest. had no problems with them. apart from they added 520 interest on the account. is this a complete no no?? if so how do i go about them taking this off the balance??
  5. just brought this score now as i was very curious after dx's comments. am very surprised. it was 842 which it says is fair. I'm still not electoral role though even though the council said i would be added on august 3rd. i'll ring them tomorrow i think. get me put on there and hopefully get my score in the high 900's! also sending my cca request to capquest.. see what they have to say for themselves...
  6. thanks izools. i signed up this. i havent got my crdit report yet though. i was waiting for it to be confirmed that i was put on the elcetoral role first as this will do wonders for my score. i'll order it when its confirmed (the council said they would register it on august 3rd) then see what i can do to get a good score.. thanks very much
  7. I just figured it would be bad having 4 defaults and a ccj. even though they all shows as the balance satisfied. except this capquest one. i rang them a week ago and they said they couldnt give me a statement because they dont do them and any queries need to be directed to their legal team via e-mail. what a joke!! I'm figuring its time i write a letter to them then and forget about removing these default notices and ccj from the file... thanks for your help dx
  8. to be honest i've not even tried to get credit because of these problems and i wasnt on a voters role until the 3rd of this month. when i finally registered at an address. i felt its not worth it with the problems i've had in the past. but to be honest i wouldnt want credit but not many people have 100k plus to be able to give up to buy a house just like that. do you reckon applying for a high interest rate credit card will help me out. the only thing on my file is a orange phone bill which gets paid every month, and a halifax loan which is also with capquest from about 7 years ago which i owe 4.5k on... thanks for your help
  9. hi there, i need as much help as possible. had various defaults when i was younger which are still showing on my credit file. Most of which are still on there, but have been satisfied - by me working very hard to clear my debt. i'm looking to improve my score dramatically though so i need to go about clearing these off, for instance i had a ccj that has been paid off, originally for barclaycard, passed to hlcf, took me to court, i've paid it off but need it removing from my credit file.. so who would i write to for this?? (the judgment is satisfied on my credit file) I had a credit card with halifax, a catalogue with freemans both given to cap quest - both paid off now - but the default is still on there.. who would i write to to get this removed?? i had an old mobile bill with o2 passed to lawell and co or something - who would i write to to get this off?? i know its probably simple but i'm looking to get this done as soon as possible?? are there any letter templates to get all these notices removed which i can send to these people?? all i want is a decent credit file so i can look to buy my own home - and have worked hard for 3 years to do it but these things are stopping me!! TIA for any help recevied
  10. Hi, please can someone help me? when i was a wee nipper (18 years old) i took out an absoulte load of credit while i was just earning 12k a year. i fell behind and didnt pay back the debts until 2006 - most accounts have had default notices issued on them.. all my debts are now clear - even ccj's however they are still obviously on my credit rating.. i'm working hard to restore it now as i'm settled and looking to get a mortgage with my partner.. even though i'm registered to a different address (for 3 months on voters roll) my linked address has the defaults on it. as i have cleared these can i reuqest they remove them to try to improve my credit score?? i also have a settled ccj which i'd like removing if i can?? i also only have my phone bill as credit - apart from 1 account (was a 9k loan with halifax) that i.m still paying. i only owe 4.8k on this now.. please can someone help?
  11. Talk to them and let them know.. its the best thing to do with creditors rather than writing letters
  12. hi, i'm writing because i have been looking through the forum for capquest not giving out a statement on an old loan,... then i came across this. not too sure that youve been given the best advice. The first reply to this that it isnt worth a monkeys toss has made me chuckle. without prejudice means that basically the signatury on the letter is sending it on the companys behalf. secondly it states that it gives you no timescales, it clearly states that you have 14 days from the date of the letter to clear your arrears... and asking for a statement wont delay them. they have to send a statement to the courts to prove they have a case, trust me they will send this asap. also look at the amount you have paid, NOTHING, since you had the loan (in 2 years??). its hardly surprising they have started to take legal proceedings. and then when you have set a dd you then cancel it.. law states that you cannot take legal proceedings on an account if you have paid in the last 60 days.. so they will still take you to court. and unless you put in a good fight for the case you'll be paying probably more than £50 a month i'm afraid..trust me - its happened to me yes, everyone has heard about cattles and there problems but media seems to be overhyped if you ask me.. please post back to let us know whats happening as i feel you've been misled..
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