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  1. Thank you both. It is appreciated. Both of your sigs refer to donations....how do I go about that?? thanks again
  2. I am in Scotland and have just been issued with a summary warrant from Scott and Co re a flat that I normally rent but has been empty for a couple of months. The Warrant is regarding Council Tax. I had sent in an application for exemption and hadnt heard anything so assumed everything was OK but it appears not. I can afford to pay it but am really concerned about how traceable this is and how it will affect my credit file as I am a Financial Advisor and approved by the FSA. Yeah, I know...I should know better! I will pay it on Monday and hopefully get the money back but any advice/gu
  3. Hi there. Have a bit of an issue that I would appreciate some info/advice on. I have let a debt run up on some fees to my factor (my fault, just didnt get round to pay) and they have now just appointed a debt collection agency to chase the debt (debt around £350 which I can and will pay tomorrow). Hands up - my fault....but does anyone know if this will affect my credit status? I dnot think it will as I dont have a credit agreement with factor as far as I'm aware but would appreciate any comments. I'm in Scotland if it makes any difference re law etc. Thanks in advance of a
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