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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Are they likely to pass onto a local debt company though? I really am not bothered about them calling (if they do:rolleyes:) as I will tell them the same as I have told them over the phone - I have nowt to give them. They are being a real pain in the arse to be honest - I have sent our SOA and there is nothing left to give them - I really don't know what they want me to do - go out the back and pick some funds of the money tree I have planted in the garden:p. Thanks again
  2. Hi All I had a call from Mercers this morning re my Barclaycard (I am currently doing a self managed DMP) and they are the only creditor refusing to accept the pro-rata payment. They say they will only accept if I use a 3rd party which I am refusing to do as all the other creditors have accepted. If I don't use a 3rd party they will only accept 1% of the balance as payment - which at the mo I can't afford. The debt has now been passed to Mercers and after having the same conversation again that I cannot afford the payment they want and that I want an explanation as to
  3. Hi I hope I have posted this in the correct place! I am in the middle of sorting our CCA's and haven't rec'ed anything from a number of cc's, other than the first inital "we have rec'ed your request and will forward on the details etc". I sent the Account in Dispute letter but I have noticed that a number of companies are still adding charges and interest on the accounts. What do I do now? Do I write another letter (if anyone could point in the right direction of a template I would appreciate it) or do I forward on my complaint to the FO? Thanks in advance for any
  4. Hi I am doing a self managed DMP and one creditor is being a complete pain in the a$$. I did send the account in dispute letter - not as comprehensive as yours above though. Do you think I should send your letter now? I only sent the other 12+2 on Monday. What's the next step if the creditors do not cease to add charges etc? Thanks for your help Lamps
  5. Hi I wonder if someone can help me? I have sent of my 12+2 letters stating that the account is now in dispute as none of my creditors sent a true copy of my agreements, however I spoke with one of my credit card providers today and they told me a default was about to be applied to my account and when I stated the account was now in dispute as they failed to supply an copy of the agreement they stated that as it is a credit card and not a personal loan they do not have to provide a signed agreement. They did send me T&Cs and cashed the cheque that was sent. Can someone advis
  6. Hi All I wonder if somebody can help me?! I have sent off CCA requests and the 12+2 has now passed. The only documents I have received from creditors are T&C's and no agreements have been forthcoming. I seem to be going around in circles looking for the next step. Do I need to take a different approach as they have sent T&C's and made contact with me or is the 12+2 my next step? Thanks in advance for any advice. R's Lamps
  7. Hi Rather than start a new thread I'm hoping somebody could answer a quick questions I have. I am looking for the cut off date as to which I can request a CCA. I thought it was April 2007 but I have read somewhere (can't remember where!?!) that it is actually 2006. I have searched the forum and can't seem to find anything. Can anyone clarify this for me? TIA for any help.
  8. Hi Loobyloo Thanks for your reply. I had thought about going with CCCS but once I had everything down on paper I felt confident enough to do it myself. If at anytime it gets too much I suppose I could always contact a debt charity. I did do the debt remedy online with CCCS and got great pointers from this forum and others. Fingers crossed I don't have too much of a bumpy ride and things work out ok for us:eek:. I will keep everyone updated with my progress. I have a list of things to do today like request CCA and I am also in the progress of reclaiming PPI insura
  9. Hi Thanks for your reply. I have just set up standing orders to pay the pro-rata payment I sent to them. I will draft a letter in the next few days to request our credit agreements and fingers crossed some may not have the documents and we in turn can offer a reduced F&F. Thanks once again for your help and I will probably have may questions throughout this 'journey' Lampies
  10. Hi Everyone. First post but been reading for sometime now. I have just recently sent off letters to our creditors offering pro-rata payments. I have yet to hear anything from them? Does anyone know how long it take for our creditors get back to us? We currently owe around £29000 to 13 creditors (cc, loan and overdraft) and have not as yet defaulted (some late payments - usually paid within 15 days of requested payment date though). Does anyone know if we are likely to be accepted for a DMP? The remaining income we have left each month and are able to pay towards our u
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