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  1. oh right so there in no legal set amount they can charge for a visit then? just some random figure they have made up? still not heard back off them yet regarding the cheque i sent?
  2. so what charges does that make it for me then £11.20 = first letter what about his 2 visits what the maximum he can charge?
  3. Start of story goes i have my car registered at my parent house as over winter i use to keep them there locked up & also i'm aware for long period of time and it safer there Got a parking fine on the 25/11/2008 put ticket in car door pocket. Then the followed weekend my car driven my my mate got wrote off (ticket still in car) in all the confusion of this i totally forgot about ticket car was sold and stripped by someone else + now carless:mad: Then as always my parents leave the country after xmas and don't return until latest may/june 2009 (i don't have access to house whi
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