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  1. Hi there, I'm £654.11 poorer today than I was yesterday. I illegally parked my car (the valid ticket was only partially on display) back in August 2008, and duly responded with my counter claim that the ticket was present, and was on display. I received no reply, so considered the issue resolved, or at least the onus to be on the council (Barking & Dagenham) to respond to me. I have since then received no correspondance from any debt collectors or courts. Two men (one a baliff, the other a 'county court representative') then turned up on my parents doorstep yesterday (I've since moved away from home) with a County Court Judgement and warrant to remove goods to that value. Unfortunately I wasn't present or able to get to my parent's address to resolve the situation in the allotted 30 mins time limit they imposed (before goods were taken away, including Mum's wedding rings), although I managed to find a family member kind enough to help me out before it came down to this. I figured I simply hadn't read the county court summons etc as I hadn't picked up the post from my parents in a while, however upon investigation, I had not received any correspondance from the court. The men who recovered the debt only left a receipt - no copy of a warrant, no copy of the county court judgement - just a receipt. The company's name: JBW Enforcement Ltd, EC2A 3WR. My phone conversations with them were distressing to say the least - they simply refused to beleive that I had not had any letters from debt collectors or the court, and said the warrant was going to be fulfilled - leaving me in a tight spot - my Mum's wedding ring taken away, or I fork out £650 on a case I wasn't aware of. I am asking if anyone knows the answers to any of the below questions: - Does a County Court summons need to be signed for? - How can I get details of the supposed case? (Nottinham County Court) - Does this mean I now have a dreaded CCJ hanging over my record? (The 'court representative' said it doesn't) - My Dad wasn't allowed to touch the warrant - is this normal? - Should JBW have left some form of correspondance with me, besides a very simple receipt? - Is the fact that I hadn't re-registered my car to my new address fraud, deeming me liable for further criminal prosecution? Sorry it's a long post - any help appreciated. Thanks guys, Gary
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