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  1. thanks for that, atleast when I complain I can point out the rules they are breaking. Like I said whatever they asked for that related to the incident I gave it them and they still wish to take this further.
  2. Hi I wonder if someone can advise me on what I can do about More Than who have now been delaying any settlement to my claim. Several months ago my van was stolen from our property and ever since More Than have been saying that they need to sit down and talk to us about the events of that day, even though we have told them all the details and sent them all the proof they need to help the claim. They say a Sarah will call to discuss our claim and that we will need to sit down and speak to her in person. We was advised to ring her and when we did there was no answer. We rang and sent ema
  3. Hi I have recently tried to claim my money back from the banks. I wanted to know any updates on Financial Hardship. If the banks do not want to pay the charges on the bank, how can I go bringing about the Financial Hardship? I am currently employed. Was a student now trying to find work. the last letter I sent the bank was a letter before action. I did not state in my letters that I was in Financial Hardship. I have complained to FSA but have stated that I am in financial Hardship. So Far Halifax have offered me £70 and are not willing to budge. What can I do? THANKKSSS
  4. Seems like since the courts ruled in favour of banks everyone on this forum has stopped replying to any question relating to the Bank Overdraft Charges. I have recently tried to get back over £2500 worth of bank charges that have occured to my account. I have had no luck as the banks are saying that the same thing you have recieved. The only other option I can think of is stating the fact that you are in Hardship, which I am. But yet I havn't been able to find anything on this forum, about Hardship. I doubt very much if a bank will refund the money back to you. But no harm in trying.
  5. I think I'm abit behind on the news about Banks winning the Bank Charges case. So is there a new route to apply for these charges? Is there a step by step for the CCA route? My account with Halifax is of a current account and I do not hold any credit cards with them only Debit. So can I still claim a CCA and use that route to claim back charges from my overdraft? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi I hope im taking the right steps to claim back what I'm owed. I sent a Preliminary Letter to Halifax asking them to refund all the monies I was charged through my Overdraft. I provided them with proof of statements and a list of all the charges at what date. They rang me today to make me an offer of £70. I did not accept this as this is about 3% of what they have taken from me. They said they will send information leaflets or something from the FSA so I can read about it and see what to do next. So I am here once again to find out what I can do next? Do I send a letter befor
  7. Hi I sent in the first letter to ask Halifax to supply me with a record of all the charges they have applied to my account. I think since I've been with them they have charged me upto £2000 in overdraft. I sent this letter around 19th October 2009. I have not heard anything back off them. What should I do next? I already have a copy of the charges they applied to my account from 2004-2008 which sum upto £1500. I requested a new copy to show 2008-2009. If someone could remind me the order I need to follow to retrieve these charges. Regards
  8. its jus that I've asked around to people who have had accidents or have been in same situation, and they say that their insurance company hasnt chased them for full premium. I do understand the whole concept of paying full premium no matter what. I guess its just confusion from what i've been hearing from others. Thanks for the messages anyway
  9. Hi, I recently was approached by my old Insurance company demanding me to pay off the full policy due to an accident I was liable for in June. I did crash into another car and accepted fault. The accident happened a week after I had insured the car. I did sign the first document which allowed me to take out the insurance with the brokers (Performance Direct) and my insurers were Markerstudy. However I did recieve another letter outlining my payments and interest and all that which i didnt sign. Im assuming the last letter i recieved was a credit agreement. Anyway they say that it is
  10. As in the fact that I offered to Pay them £260 a month? Soon after that mistake I discovered this website. Too Late?
  11. It is infact the tenant agreement. I did write to them in email before I discovered this website that I can make a payment of £260 a month until I can afford to pay full. But that didnt work out as I lost my Job. Now I can only offer them £1 a month. Arn't a tenant agreement and Credit agreement the same thing?
  12. The images in a word document so they are more visible. Cheers The Documents Provided BY Debt people.doc
  13. These are the documents they provided me... Don't think the images came out properly, I will try again Unite TA booklet edition 3.pdf
  14. Hi I recently posted for advice on how to get rid of a debt that I have with my student Halls. The Debt was sold to Credit Collections UK Limited. I sent them a letter about the CCA's, that someone had provided to me through this website. The company sent me all the documents, that I had signed with T&C's clearly Visible. Now I question myself. Is this the end of the road or is there something else I can do? I have offered them a payment plan of £1 a month, as I have no income or any other option. The Debt is a 4 figure number, would they say it is too small of a payment?
  15. The agreement was with me and a company called Unite, which are student halls all over the UK. I was to pay rent there everyweek. Being a student with money, I blew it all on going out and etc lol (I know my own fault), There were tenancy agreements signed, but i dnt remember what the documents involved. Being a careless student i lost my copy, so I cant actually tell you what the contract said. Its been twos years since that i've left university and Iv now got a debt collection agency chasing me. I knw im in the wrong, but from what I've read, I seem to believe theres a way out. Am
  16. Thanks alot, but if it isnt too much hassle can you jus break that up into simple terms for me so I kinda know what im askin them for and what it all means. Sorry to bug u, just want to gain some knowledge in these sort of things. Regards
  17. Hi all, I recently been looking around this forum and decided to become a member. Lately I've had a few problems myself from a debt collection agency called Lowell Group. I owed a residence building in Leciester the sum of £3100. Lowell Group decided to buy the Debt and have been contacting me since warning me that it is a final warning and I owe them £3100, I've paid £300 off so that leaves me with £2800. After reading these forums, I seem to believe that if the buy the debt in the first place, gives me the opportunity to bring up CCA? I don't have a clue about the CCA or anythin
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