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  1. ha ha. I like your thinking. To be honest ill have to check the pack again. Im sure its 14 days from leaving. Ill have to update you further when i get the redundancy. Just watch this space lol
  2. It says in the redundancy package that the loan needs to be repayed back in full within 14 days. Its past the 14 days now and still havent heard anything.
  3. I have seen barclays take funds from a current account to pay back missed loan payments. Ive opened an account elsewhere but its taking time to get all the direct debits transfered over
  4. I havnt missed any payments from the loan. Im just hoping that they keep it running on the same terms and conditions I verbally agreed to. Ive just started a new job but my new wages are not as good. I am going to find it hard to pay it but the last thing I want is a ccj.
  5. ha ha. Just found that out. He didnt have a clue. Ive officially left barclays on the 1st of nov. So far they havnt got in touch with me about the loan even tho it says in my redundancy pack i have to pay it back within 2 weeks. Does anyone know if they can take money out of my account without my permission? I get my redundancy on the 23rd of Nov and i am worried they will take all of it to go towards the loan. Even though my redundancy will be only be enough to pay back approx half.
  6. Im still at a loose end with it. Thinking about going to see an independant financial advisor. I noticed that I got a statement for the first time last year. Thank you for your advice Ill keep you posted
  7. how would I be able to get in touch?
  8. I know im not signing anything else. The loan is not covered by the cca as the loan was not avaliable to the general public. So it sounds like Barclays are making up their own law. I dont know who regulates it if there is anyone or anything at all. I just dont know what to do. I do not want this to effect my credit and even got a ccj. But with it not being on my credit file on the first place I dont know if it would get that far. I need to know what my rights are and if this loan is enforcable.
  9. again thank you so much. Im feel like im stuck between a rock and a hard place. Im facing being unemployed for the first time in my life with a loan that I have to pay and family to support. All the jobs I am looking at the wage will not be enough to cover both. Given my service in barclays pay rises ect... I will have to start all over again with another company. Im scared of defaulting on this loan and it effecting my credit rating in the future and even getting a ccj. When I took out the loan I was foolish to think that I had a secure career with barclays and I would never be
  10. No I havnt. Probally next step. I just want to get all my facts straight before I try and make further arrangements
  11. thanks I have read it. How on earth did you find that? You are really good. The loan is a staff loan so I would imagine its not to the general public but the interst rate is fixed at 8.something % . Its not dependant on any movements in the index or highest bank rate plus 1% (page 13) Do you think it may be covered?
  12. I have already tried to explain the situation. As I will no longer working for them my options are limited. I have to pay the loan back in full or they will try and switch it onto a personal loan what means the interest rate will go sky high. I dont know how they will give me a new loan with no income though. This is a very difficult situation.
  13. I have already tried calling them twice. Both times i was told they simply do not know.
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