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  1. Do you have a thread i can mull over it might help me with this, the more ammo i have the better. Ian
  2. Nothing from Companies house so far.... Do you think i should e-mail them and ask how it is going?
  3. Hi Gamekeeper I'm going to wait to see what happens with Companies House, Maybe a little call to CH4 if it goes our way...
  4. Funny thats exactly what i was thinking! I will keep on with this, i want to give them as much grief as i can after dealing with the stress they gave my mother, and no doubt countless other unfortunate people who have had the same dealings. If i get some time i will post the problems i have had with Barcleys/Mercers in a new thread as i think i still need a hand there, But thanks to this forum i am managing to slowly get things sorted, but thats another story. Can any one tell me who is/are the people who set this forum up? I think i may be able to help with some advertising
  5. Just recieved this from Companies House this morning: Thank you for your email. I can see what you mean regarding making the payment to Mercers Debt Collections Limited. Your email will be passed to a case officer within the team for further consideration. Yours sincerely A****** O***** Technical Offences Team Oh dear Mercer's !
  6. Ill post whatever comes back from Companies House, Should be interesting. Ian
  7. Hi Seminole, One of my main question to companies house was, on the back of the theatograms is: Please make cheques payable to " Mercers Debt Collections Ltd" Surely that is trading so they should be submitting accounts, I'm just waiting for the e-mail that will say, because of some unheard of law or gray area they can do what they please!
  8. Thank you, I had another mail from Companies house saying they are looking into this and i will hear back in a couple of days. I just think it's about time the little person got to bully them for a change. Wierd thing is my mother nor me have had any calls from them in the past couple of days.... It should be simple enough, if i can prove they have been recieving payments, but have not been publishing accounts whether they are just a department of Barcleys or not, Its still breaking the law. I'll just have to wait and see how it pans out. Ian.
  9. Hi there, this is my first post so if i have put it in the wrong place i'm sorry! First i have to say a huge thank you to this web site, I am having an ongoing battle with Barclays who have been scaring the daylights out of my mother. But that is another story and i will post that at a later date. So i'll get to the point. I contacted Companies house about mercers, I asked them how a company that is listed as non-trading is allowed to issue illegal default notices and if they are not submitting accounts, how come they are allowed to collect money? The reply i got was what i
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