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  1. I'll tell them it's statute barred when it's time to do so.... i've been at the same address for 15 years i haven't moved, they know exactly where i am as they were sending court bailiffs to my address most of last year, they had to change them as after i spoke to one they never came back because there's no money to pay them... .plus the burnt out cars on my street i think scared them off... i got into way too much debt towards xmas 2012 and sent all my creditors letters asking for reduced payments and giving them my income and expenditure breakdown and to date i've still not
  2. Again sorry but i thought the question was pretty simple not vague....perhaps its the way i phrased it. The last few debts that haven't got CCJ's against them are coming up to statute barred as i stopped paying my debts in December 2012.. All i was wondering is if they were to gain CCJ'S this close to the 6 years would they be able to chase me for another 6 years and would it still affect my credit file, not that it would bother me much? There's nothing i can do about it i was only looking for the answer. ..i can't afford to pay them anything as my financial situation is ab
  3. Again sorry there's nothing to update...i'm still deep in debt and getting hassled by bailiffs and debt collection agencies i just come here to look for advice...i wont bother you again... Cheers
  4. Sorry i wasn't aware i posted in the bailiff forum i though id posted in the debt collection forum
  5. Hi I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding a debt collection agency that is hounding me at the moment... I have a few very old debts,credit cards and Catalogue debt that will be statute barred come December but this debt collector is now planning to issue CCJ's on them... There's a couple of these debts where i have grounds to dispute them as they are actually not my fault as the originally company just didn't attempt to take any payments off me for over 12 months and when they realised they demanded all the back payments all at once... My question is are there guideline
  6. Hi All I've been getting chased by lowell for a couple of credit card debts from 5 years ago and they've issued a couple of CCJ's against me. They instructed a court bailiff to come to my address and act on a warrant of control for my goods but i was never in when he called. One lunchtime he caught me coming home and i explained my situation to him, told him that he was chasing a small part of 20-30 grand worth of debt and there was no way i was ever letting him in... He also accepted that i had no way of paying off my debts as i live in a council house with no assets s
  7. No there's no n number on the letter .... would it make a difference because it's a welsh court ??? In total with all our debts combined It's about 15k and we have no way of paying it off... so the DRO sounded a good idea They're all from around the same time about 4 years so I don't think any are statute barred.... I haven't heard anything about them for years then suddenly the court papers started turning up ....
  8. I don't know how can i do this without revealing too much info as what you want to see is just hand written names ,my wifes and mine, and both case numbers, both of which would reveal too much info??? Its literally a standard removal/take notice with our local county courts address on it with the bailiffs/enforcement officer's name and phone number at the bottom. Handwritten at the top is my wife's name and case number then mine underneath and in a space between paragraphs is another handwritten note saying locksmith £250...
  9. im sorry if I seem to be asking the same question again I've hardly slept the last couple of days worrying about this but the bailiff can't turn up next week with a locksmith and the police and take what little we have can they ??? I've read of stories of the police making people let the bailiffs in even when they don't have too and I don't want that happening to me ... I am going to try and get an appointment with the citizens advice today to apply for a DRO but I think the last time I went there I had to wait about 3 weeks to see someone... Thanks everyone for your help
  10. Most of my debts are like this I have 4 catalogue debts and 2 credit card debts....does it make a difference in enforcement???
  11. What's the difference with high court enforcement and how often does it go that far ?
  12. I can't afford to pay Lowell that's the problem.. . it's not a case of won't it's just we're barely managing now and if I offered payment on this case they would just keep coming back for my other debts as well.. ..it would never end.. ..I just need to know exactly what are the possible outcomes??
  13. I thought that the court couldn't grant a forced entry ??? or am i wrong ?
  14. No we have never had a joint account we keep our finances separate... they have listed her credit card debt CCJ and my debt with a different credit card company on the same form... I think he's just combined it to save chasing us both separately .
  15. i have a 12 year old banger outside with a dodgy gearbox and an even older car on the drive that we bought for our son as his first car which doesn't run either .. i live in council housing so theres nothing really to take apart from household items .. . we're not rich we just got into a load of debt that we couldnt pay back... As i said i don't own my house and we're only just managing as we are so i couldn't afford to pay them back even if i wanted to.
  16. I think im confusing things here i have about 8 accounts that i owe but this is for one of mine and my wifes one. it looks like a blank generic notice with both my case number then my wifes case number handwritten on the top of it. I think its for one of my CCJ's and also my wifes CCJ.. I think its from my local county court even through both CCJ's were gained from Northampton bulk. The notice has the local county court header on it and it just states the guys name and his title -Baliff/enforcement officer and his mobile number
  17. The letter was a unfilled out removal/ take notice with the local courts address on it which named both myself and my wifes separate debts owed to lowells and read like this... Enough time has been wasted with this matter and failure to respond. As you have failed to contact me in reference to the above warrant issued. You leave the court no option to enforce the warrrant by removing goods to the value of the warrrant plus added court costs this may be done in the presence of local police. ( then theres a hand written part " locksmith £250") then theres the option to co
  18. I think i owe around 10 k in total over about 8 different accounts and my wife whos also named on todays notice owes about 4 k on 1 account. I have 3 CCJ's at the moment with lowells trying for another and they have 2 of the others.
  19. Hi It's been a long time since I was last in debt and had to deal with bailiffs' and debt collection companies so i'm not sure if things have changed so i'm looking for a bit of advice ? I Went home this lunchtime and a bailiff had left a letter threatening to get a locksmith to break into my house to remove goods with the police possibly present. ..in fact the letter was quite threatening I thought that this was illegal as the debt owed was a personal debt through a county court CCJ not a magistrates fine or debt to any other governmental department, what I need to know
  20. Thanks for all your help, sunny have just phoned my wife and have told her that they've found the money. Apparently they've had it since the thirteenth but have only just realized it now despite the numerous phone calls we've made in that time. Funny how they've suddenly found it after we threatened them with the fos but again thanks for the help
  21. Hi I'm looking for some help regarding a sunny loan that my wife took out two weeks ago. My wife applied and was accepted for two hundred pounds online but she made a mistake with her account number, one of the buttons stuck and duplicated a number, so the money never made it into her account. She phoned sunny who told her that she would have to check with her bank to find out if the account number they sent the money to actually existed and if it didn't that the bank would transfer the money back within five days. We went to the bank at first they didn't
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