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  1. Hi, This is my first post ...within a couple of mins I realise there are lots of people with similar problems regardig CSA although I can perhaps add a new twist. I too had my case ' go clerical ' and it's a nightmare. I am claiming for my 11 year old daughter who lives with me. My exwife refused to pay maintenance so after 6 months they eventually put an attachment of earnings order in place. I received 1 payment then nothing...but here's the twist. Her employer have deducted and paid over the money but the CSA are hanging on to it !!! When I rang them for the umpteenth time they said it was because my case was on two different systems which were not linked. Then they had the cheek to ask me if I would like the money released to me !!. Hell no I love making interest free loans to the Goverment whilst I struggle to feed and cloth us and pay exorbitant credit card interest etc. On a practical level. If you do go through divorce/seperation you must get your claim in for tax credit & child benefit plus anything else you might be entitled to. and CSA immediately because with the exception of tax credit your claim will not be backdated. They even continue to pay child benefit for three weeks to the non resident parent while they assess your claim.
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