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  1. It certainly isn't easy for you. Have you told them in writing?
  2. I totally sympathise with you, honestly, which is why I wouldn't want to see someone like you who has already been crapped on by a major bank get into even more trouble by them. They certainly owe you more than you owe them, but you gotta do it the right way. If you can't afford to pay them do what I did years ago when I could no longer pay my Visa bill due to loosing my job. I contacted them and came to an arrangement to pay £40 a month until things got better. As it was I managed to pay them off after a few years, and so they didn't take any legal action and I didn't get a CCJ. Also, t
  3. To be fair, if you have borrowed the money you should pay it back, not try to run off. I know that many lenders get back stacks more money than they gave out, and I disagree with many of their policies & tactics, but if I lent someone money I would want it back. On the flip side, if we all refused to pay back what we borrowed, then many more people would end up in the same position as you, and that is redundant. I am not trying to preach to you good vs bad etc, so please don't take it personally, but if you can't pay it back because they have made you redundant, then try and work
  4. At a guess, if they can't prove that there is any loan agreement, then just get your son to state in writing that he does not recognise any debt with them. I suspect that they know that he could get away with it, unless he does nothing in which case... I'm no expert, but that is what I would do.
  5. Sounds to me like the loan was unsecured and thus had nothing to do with the car...in which case they had no right to take it without a court order.
  6. You haven't `commited' fraud with this car because you haven't been taken to court and convicted of fraud, so nobody can claim that. You say that you signed the agreement in 2003, when? Could the six year rule stand?
  7. I have been watching eBay for the past few days and there have been lots of the same publication up for sale unchallenge, in fact one ebayer has sold many copies of the book in the past few months. Seems to me that I have been singled out!
  8. Thanks for all your varied, but equally helpful replies, much appreciated! Well, I took the letter to my company solicitor who had a good laugh at their appalling letter and suggested the best course of action is to bin it as they have nothing on me; which they've already admitted in writing. In addition to that, I have not gained financially nor have they lost anything and so any legal action would be a waste of time and resources and may leave themselves open being counter sued. Firstly, they have acknowledged in their letter that I have done nothing wrong deliberately, and that t
  9. Thanks for your reply hightail, much appreciated. I am sure it is in the agreement, to which I am not disputing. I am happy not to sell the originals on and just chuck them in the bin, but I object to their phonecall and letter as it feels like they are trying to harrass and bully me. I stated over the phone to them that I wouldn't put it up for sale again, now they want me to sign a letter to agree. If I don't sign, what can they do? My main concern is that if I do sign the letter, and they decide to take any further action, wouldn't my singnature be an admission of guilt and perhap
  10. Enu, I just re-read your post and realised that the car still has outstanding finance on it today. I would take the car back as you are covered by consumer law for 3 months anyway.
  11. Enu, are you sure it still has outstanding finance? I used to work in the trade for years, and we used to get many cars which appeared to still have outstanding finance but in fact hadn't, it was just that someone hadn't updated the systems. Find out who the finance is with, give them a call and ask them what the status is. If the finance has been apid off, ask them to change the status, they are usually quite happy to do it asap. If it still has outstanding finance, take it back to the dealer in the condition it was sold and ask for your money back or else you may have to consider takin
  12. Hi guys, great forum, been reading through it for ages, thought it was time to join up and get some advice. Like many people, I have been buying and selling on eBay for years, fortunately with little hassle, until recently. A few months ago I paid over £360 for a subscription to a company for 12 months supply of their guide (one book a month) which I use to look up the trade value for my products before buying. At the end of each month the information in the book is out of date and replaced by a new edition, thus the old one is destined for the bin. However, at over £30 a bo
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