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  1. @Locutus, Your mind works in the same way as mine! Others have been advised to call and say that they want to cancel but it's not the point. It should not happen. The packages and speeds have been changed so in a perfect world existing customers should also be increased to 30mb. Sadly VM do not give a hoot about their customers, but then again none of the providers do!
  2. Virgin Media have recently renamed and increased the speeds of all their Broadband packages. They are now called, Up To 30mb, 60mb & 100mb instead of 'L', 'XL' & 'XXL'. I am on the 'L' package with a speed of up to 10mb at a cost of £22.50 a month, the new low end package on offer is 30mb and also costs £22.50. I recently received a letter informing me that VM were going to double my speed to 20mb, that's very nice but new customers paying the same £22.50 are getting 30mb. I have e-mailed VM three times asking why I am only receiving 20mb and received three answers all differ
  3. Further to Visa credit card finding in my favour against Travel Republic that they had breached Consumer Protection Regulations and have refunded the deposit I had paid under a 'Chargeback' claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, I have received a reply from the ASA, The Advertising Standards Agency. They have agreed that I have made valid points in my complaint against the Travel Republic web site. The ASA have instructed TR to change their web site so that 'customers are aware of any compulsary costs before they book'. Should TR not change their web site the matter will be r
  4. I have received a letter from my credit card company in this mornings post accepting my 'chargeback' claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1975 against Travel Republic and are to refund my deposit. They have accepted that TR were in breach of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2002 by not disclosing all charges, extras & fees prior to acceptance/confirmation of the booking. I hope my experience will help others that have had similar problems
  5. @My-spirit-soars-free, I have done just that. I have contacted my credit card issuer and have sent off all the paperwork to make a 'Chargeback' claim. For what it is worth I have also sent a complaint to ABTA. (TR are ABTA members) I have also booked direct with the hotel, £140 dearer but I am confident that when I arrive my room will be waiting.
  6. I have spoken with Consumer Direct this morning and they have advised that Travel Republic are in breach of the 'Consumer Protection Regulations 2008'. All additional charges must be shown on the final invoice/payment page prior to confirming the booking. Any additional charges should be shown clearly, in this case they were not.
  7. I booked a hotel in Cyprus online yesterday with a company called Travel Republic based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. I had used them some while ago so I had no worries when making the booking, (Mistake) The confirmation web page was shown with all the figures, I decided to pay a deposit of £210 and the balance of £838 in July 2012. I entered my card details, double checked the details and pressed the ‘Confirm Booking’ button, happy with myself of a job well done. Or so I thought. I received the confirmation e-mail about ten minutes later and much to my shock an additional £26.90
  8. At last RIM/Blackberry have responded to the problem, well sort of! From Twitter @UK_Blackberry Some of our customers are having issues connecting to #BB services over WiFi. Our product teams are aware of this and are looking into it. 35 minutes ago via CoTweet
  9. For several days now there has been a serious problem with the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) link to the handset WIFI the result being no, or a very slow connection when the handset is connected to your home or work network. The problem has affected ALL the UK networks, Europe, the US and the Middle East and perhaps more yet to post on various forums. The networks have all denied that there is a problem, until today when the complaints seem to have stepped up a gear. Yet they are still asking customers who phone to send back their handset for repair, that's going to be a lot of handse
  10. There was a case in the West Country a few months ago of engineers having access to exchange boxes illegally calling the premium rate numbers of a certain premium rate provider adding profit to the companies account. The police, local press and BT were involved and all the subscribers who complained were refunded. It does make you wonder about those who just paid the bills without checking. It was posted on several forums. What were the PR numbers that are on your bill?
  11. A while ago I downloaded the trial version of Kaspersky Mobile 9.0 from Nokia OVI wbsite, I did not use it very much and found it annoying when it scanned when I wanted to use my phone. I decided to uninstall the software, a simple task I thought, how wrong I was. When I tried to uninstall it I was asked for a pass code, I didn't remember setting up a password and checked all my records to see if I had noted it down in the handset manual. This is something I do for each handset but there was no record of it. I sent an e-mail to Kaspersky and waited for a reply. I then Googled the problem
  12. @JO1010, I am sorry that things have turned out this way for you, but it doesn't surprise me. What 'does' is how they managed to get a statement off of a customer nearly one month after the incident. Didn't the employee abuse you because he LOST a sale, perhaps she changed her mind and returned? How lucky! Perhaps with the same luck I will get six numbers on the lottery on Wednesday? Call be suspicious but this does not sit right but, hey, we are talking about Vodafone.
  13. @Sequenci, Where is he saying that? @Sequenci, I think you may have read too much into too few words. Privacy laws would not allow VF, or any company, to disclose the outcome of the investigation or sight of the video. I am sure that you are well aware of this. If he was lucky the most JO1010 would get would be a letter of apology, which doesn't flow easy from VF customer service even when they are found to be in the wrong. As I have discovered from my own dealings with them.
  14. @Sequenci, Which part of 'I'm unable to disclose the specifics of this or any other case which is handled by the Web Relations Team.' do you not see as closure? VF were never going to disclose the outcome of any video or investigation to us here on the forum or privately to JO1010. (Hence the reasons my posts never got involved with that side of the thread) Even you must have accepted this fact long ago.
  15. @JO1010, I'm sorry that you were never going to get the satisfaction that you deserved, no matter how hard we tried. Look on the bright side you did get the handset replaced even if you are still under contract with Vodafone. Good luck
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