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  1. same here i'd call that a result my friend! good work all round!
  2. never heard anything further from these cowboys
  3. i'm kind of expecting another letter now, but i think they were maybe waiting for me to accept some sort of responsibility on the phone for them to then use against me if they did want to pursue it. re info i've given the dvla i have a feeling home phone number would have been something i would have given them at the time - just in case there was an issue they needed to contact me for. i won't be giving them anything like that going forwards though
  4. very good point - i hadn't thought that. i no longer live at the address but i was passed the message. said address is ex directory as well. they wouldn't be allowed access to the number by the dvla would they? (that's how they got my address)
  5. i've been informed that a voicemail was left by a girl from graham white solicitors this week. totally out of the blue this, as not heard anything for over 2 months!
  6. Thanks for posting these - I am now at the exact same point - I have a carbon copy of your letter which I got this week. We'll see what happens next...
  7. Ah, hopefully this is the last one then - cheers for putting them up, I should get my "second" one soon...
  8. cool. by the looks of the date on your letter i'm exactly 1 week behind you so will be interesting to see what they send you next. everyone seems ot say they stop after 2 so we'll see...
  9. snap!! the last 2 letters you have from roxburghe and graham white are very similar to ones i've received. i'm going to ignore them as you are - what have you found on them?
  10. hi guys, please could you link me to the original thread about Michael Sobell Solicitors? I've done a search but had no luck so far - thanks for any help
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