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  1. definitely council tax and not had any contact from council it may be 2003 we moved out and it was in joint tenancy with myself but I haven't received anything and I'm fully responsible for council tax at current house with same council so they have had plenty of opportunity to contact. She isn't aware of a liability order and I would say as the amount is just over £500 then it is mostly fees, but she believes as we moved out in March then it was all paid up but we don't have the proof! Just wondering whether to ignore as it says an enforcement officer may be sent
  2. My mother has today received a letter from these chasing council tax from 2004 which we don't believe is right. It states demand notice and has no deadline, it also doesn't state the period it is for and unless you make full payment it refers you to the local council to make payment arrangements. We believe it was all paid whilst there and the council have made no contact with her regarding this money. Is it genuine or phishing and what should be her next action? Please help
  3. had a letter stating have no right to put an account in dispute and that it is in contract that they can send somebody to house any time even though advised it would be considered trespass
  4. Right cos welcome are disappointed so gone from their phony collections people to experto! Where do they get these silly names from?
  5. Can they send the account to a collection agency if in dispute for failure to provide cca and sar?
  6. Yes it is head office am sick of them ringing i told them to stop in December. Although normally ignore the call but i answered it for mum the other day and told them to read their letters and stop
  7. No but it was stapled to the letter they have acknowledged receipt of
  8. It was but they have not sent anything they want the fee again . Luckily my mum has the orig. Not responded to 7 day war request either now been 68 days and they had fee for that too but denying that although they ain't cashed it
  9. Recorded and sent non compliance this was their response to the letter!!do i send further letter stating payments were attached or leave it?? I will post agreement when i get on internet not through phone. But it just a standard pink counterfoil thing
  10. Well they amaze me received a letter today asking for the £1 fee for the cca letter they received on 10/5/12 i didn't send it till late Juneand the postal order was stalled to it!!! What a total set of imbeciles. Yet another letter to write they are seriously blogging me off
  11. Right i have sent account in dispute letter last week along with a 7 day notice for the sar could you please help with next stage as they are still calling and testing at least twice a week despite having been told to only contact in writing at least 4 times
  12. What happens if they don't have the agreement ??
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