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  1. I sold my nokia n97 through eBay on friday and was contacted by the seller the next day that he would collect the item in person as he lived close, just before collecting he paid the full amount through paypal and all was fine. The next day, I recieved an email stating that a dispute of the payment was being made and that paypal would hold the money until the dispute was solved. The buyer is claiming that the payment was unauthorised, though he was on the phone at the time of the payment going through! Now I'm left without my phone and without any money and from what I've read online there is no protection for sellers in this situation, paypal will refund the money to the buyer and that is it. How am I supposed to get my phone back, it's all so confusing, I can't sleep with worry that I've just been conned out of £400. Any advice would be appreciated. Would it be OK for me to contact the buyer and ask why the claim has been made, I can't do anything right this minute as it is almost 4am but will do at a reasonable time.
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