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  1. Thanks dx100uk found a link to their underdog Capstone now called Acended, I will let you know how I get on Keltyboy
  2. Hi Can any one point me in the right direction I took out a mortgage with SPML then had it transferred to Capstone Mortgages. Having had some success with a ppi claim against Welcome Finance now thinking about taking on SPML/Capstone. I cannot however find an address or contact details for the parent company . So can anyone help out with an address. Cheers Keltyboy:smile:
  3. IdainFife It was a voluntary and Grease monkey that sum was for charges such as letters and late payemnt or non dd payemts
  4. Meant to say that I stay in Scotland, can the finance company still apply this charge here
  5. Hello, I purchased a car in 2007 for £5450 and with interest the oustanding balance was 11350 according to the finance documents issued by Private and Commercial Finance Company Ltd of London. In 2011 the car was repossessed by their agent and sold at market. I have since received a statement from PCF that shows the payments made and subsequent sale of the car amounts to 13000 +. I havespoken to them on the telephone informing them on numerous occasions that I was out of work due to a leg injuryand since written to them stating that I am now no longer working and in receipt of the State
  6. Yes but they are denying it I will however send another one rightly or wrongly.
  7. Hi I received a letter from dcl In June in respect of a Welcome Finance Loan, I sent off a CCA request non recorded on the 23rd of June. Up until yesterday 18th July I had not heard from this company, so I prepared a letter advising that I was placing the account in dispute. Today 19th July I received the following letter. "Hillesden Securities Hillesden Securities Ltd. BUCKINGHAM ROAD BRACKLEY NORTHANTS NN13 7DN Mr X Xxxxxx 18 July 2011 Dear Mr Xxxxxx Account Number 1xxxxxxxxx0 Formerly Welcome Financial Services Ltd xxxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated 23 June 2011
  8. Thanks guys for all the good advice. but as my wife is ill and has been for some time now I have sadly just rolled over on this one.
  9. Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you all, thanks for the advice. I posted on here too late to get anything done, as the car was repossessed by two males (who even scared my dog.) the next day, I tried to use the refusal of entry to property letter but that was treated with derision by the "Licensed Debt Collector" , who looked like he eats steroids for meals 3 times a day. (he made me look small and I am 6ft 2ins). I am now waiting on being told the outstanding amount to pay then I will negotiate repayments to suit me.
  10. Unfortunately they have this voluntary surrender form/letter. so I don't know how it stands however I will give them the no callers letter and see where it goes from there. Thanks for the positive thinking.
  11. I have a car on finance with PCFCL Last year I got into arrears and when an agent of the company called at my house, I allowed him access, and under duress, before paying the arrears to him I was asked to sign a Voluntary Surrender form. I then paid the arrears to this agent. Since then I have due to loss/change of employment again fallen into arrears what with the high interest rate and charges levied against me. I know owe 1200 in arrears, I have made an offer to pay an extra 200 per month, but this has been declined out of hand. The person on the telephone, asked if I had any savings to s
  12. Hi Seriously fed up, I too had dealings with Cabot over a Visa Card Account. I sent them a CCA Request in 2009 Got a reply saying they were in contact with the original issuer, as yet have not had any reply. I then followed up by sending them a letter putting the account they had/have in dispute. Still no reply. So stick to your guns and use the templates on this website. Keltyboy
  13. I had the misfortune to contact this company and had the same runaround, however when I asked to speak to those named Sarah, Robin, Beverly, Simon or Harold. I was told that they donot work for this company. I have submitted a complaint to the OFT about their practise. In the post this morning arrived a letter from Ralph Marlon Ltd who had been given my details.
  14. Thanks Flyboyagain, I shall draw up a letter tonight using the template that you put on earlier and let you know the outcome. There was no webform filled out as it was done via mobile phone with nothing to sign!
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