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  1. Thanks for that. Seeing as you seem so sure maybe you don’t mind linking me your source of information eg statute or law which basically says I have to give them the information they want? Genuinely want to see it in black and white. Many thanks.
  2. Hello Got a letter today asking who is in my household they need the information. It’s not a vote registration but so they “know” whom is eligible. If I don’t provide it they say I’ll be fined 1k. I don’t want to be part of the democratic process and this to me is part of it. Is there a law that says I must provide this information? As it only says it’s a legal not lawful requirement? Thanks
  3. Hello If this is not the wrong forum please delete or move. Yesterday I got a letter from the council stating that after Grenfell disaster that I as a lease holder (I own the flat) need to provide a gas safety certificate an electrical certificate, and lastly that my front door needs to be a fire approved door. Thing is these fore doors cost upwards of 800 pounds and I can't afford that. In the past few years I did ask about a scheme that a neighbouring council borough do with you pay 25% of the total cost of a new door. they said they don't do this scheme. The letter says that they will seek legal action against anyone who doesn't conform. On a side note council tenants get it for free Any advice appreciated.
  4. It's not rubbish it's actually quite misleading and the v5 misnomer is very much debated on various forums. And where and how I acquire my friends is really none of your business.
  5. Yeah but I don't own it. The dvla log book says so. I've seen this argument before it's a mystery that no one can work out sneaky dvla monsters keep it quiet.
  6. The v5 says not proof of ownership. I'm just saying what is then?
  7. John smith was what I typed here to protect my identity. And yes I did purchase the car but after reading my v5 apparently I'm not the owner? Worth a try I rekon.
  8. Also if they don't accept that will I be able to still pay reduced rate?
  9. I sent an email to their representations department saying this. Vehicle registration ******* I write to say that as per the DVLA "log book" JOHN SMITH is not the owner of above registration or vehicle. Please write to the owner to resolve this matter. Is this ok to do? I didn't sign off as anyone that's all I said?
  10. So you suggest just paying it? No dispute for this extortionate legal mugging?
  11. Any suggestions then? Another thing is that the 21 days is up tomorrow and I have only just received this due to marital troubles. Will they accept that if I do end up paying?
  12. Sorry one more thing. As I'm actually separated from my wife and not actually staying at the address where the letter went, could I just ignore as we're moving next week, and if it ever came on top deny receiving the notice? And sign a statutory declaration? Thanks.
  13. Some more info. It's 45 contravention I wasn't fully parked in the bay half my car was in the road like over the marked taxi bay, 10 secs I was there maybe 20 but no more than that just while my gf jumped in.
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