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  1. Hi Hobbie yes thats the exact spot! By no TMO (not sure what that stands for!) is in place does that mean the PCN is null and void? Many Thanks for your reply Nicola
  2. Thats interesting, i will pursue that lead thanks
  3. I have a pic on my phone of sign but cant find lead to upload to net but it is a blue background with white writing and reads as Exemption Permit Holders ONLY Waiting Limited to 1 hour Return Prohibited Within 1 hour The PCN was issued by Sunderland City council and has the car and time details, unsure if there is something specific other than contravention code that would help. Rusty 24 - yes thankyou I shall bear this in mind next time!!!!
  4. Hi I would appreciate any advice on the following please. A few weeks ago I parked in a car park with a sign reading 'Exemption permit holders only waiting restricted to 1hr no return with 2 hrs'. In hindsight I appreciate I shouldnt have parked there but genuinely read it to mean that I could park there for an hour but permit holders were exempt and could park there longer. Stupid i know but at the time nature was calling and these spaces were near local toilets. At the time the there were several spaces so was not preventing anyone else parking there and I did look around for a warden to verify but couldnt see anyone. I was away for probably 10mins and returned to a ticket though still no one around, im sure they wear invisibility cloaks! Anyhow I have appealed twice, the first just appealing to their better nature, the second because a contravention code 16 was applied which relates to 'on street' parking. I appealed on the basis that this was a carpark but they have stated that it is adopted highway therefore the code is correct. Im just so annoyed when I think it would have been cheaper to risk urinating in the street as opposed to a genuine misunderstanding! I guess I will have to pay but would appreciate any advice? Thanks Nicola
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