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  1. What is the legality on this? Regards Bob
  2. Well, it looks like that letter done the job - they are allowing us (big of them!!) to choose a replacement - the bugger will be then if there is nothing we like!!! Cheers for the advice people Bob
  3. Thanks for the responses. It isn't like the one they had on display but it isn't any more, or their website - of which I have grabbed the images as well as their FLV video just in case. I would say it is more of an inherent design flaw - I did find this last night. We were in the store 23 hours after delivery - stood next to the sofa saying to them that our's looked nothing like it in regards to the seating. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=37534426&postcount=29 Sorry if I am not allowed to post links to another site - if so - please remove Anyway - so
  4. About 23 hours!!! Then by letter A couple of weeks latter when we were told there was nothing wrong with it by the service manager. My wife has also just turned round and said she is not going without a sofa as we will have nowhere to sit on and if it take x weeks to get a replacement!! I do feel I am stuck between a rock and a hard place - not sure which one my wife is
  5. Even though the Finance company have "rejected" our claim? Wouldn't we end up with a black mark on our credit record? Cheers Bob
  6. Hi Alli, don't want to give too much away after reading the headline page. The tale is as follows. We went looking for a larger than usual sofa in a well known retailer who specialises in them. There was a corner unit on display and was obviously sectional. We asked the salesman about just buying one side of the combination would be suitable to be used as a straight sofa. He said yes so we ordered it and took out their 4 years credit. The order was for a two seater section and the corner unit section. We also asked about maintenance etc to be told it had good quality foam and you onl
  7. Hi Buzby, I think that you are getting confused He tiled the b-room - the work was dangerous and extremely poor quality, all the tiles had to be removed. In doing so, the walls (plasterboard and plaster) were damaged. These had to be made good before being tiled on again or else that would not have been safe, we had to get replacement tiles, and have the room retiled. The figure in my last post was total cost to date - ie having the job done twice. The extra costs were in removing tiles and having to have the room re-done. We were able to negotiate a 50% discount with the
  8. Hi Buzby, It is the costs associated with putting right the work - less monies already paid to him - as he refused to correct it - It was dangerous and all had to be removed - and that meant having to have the walls re-done, new replacement materials etc... What should have been a £1300 job for his work (inc. materials) has so far cost nearly £3500 because of this extra cost, we have not been able to complete the room - having to pay for it to be done in stages - 1 day here, 1 day there - which is making it even more expensive - and have had to survive with a shower with two you
  9. Thats the problem There are two parts really - the actual cost to put it all right - £1,700 Then there is the "loss of enjoyment" or simular as we are effectively still without the family B-room One is quantifiable - recovery of costs The other is to the courts and non-quantifiable. Can this be covered on the N1 Bob
  10. Hi, just about to fill in N3 to recover costs of having to rectify work against somebody. The costs have been £1700, plus the costs of the original work - and so far the room still is not finished or usable due to lack of funds (8 MONTHS) How would I fill out the N1 for a fixed amount plus loss of enjoyment - can I just combine the two ie £1700 costs to redo work under....... unspecified damages for loss of use of room Thanks in advance DB
  11. Have you got "A consistent approach to Finish" from the NHBC? That is a start. Also - speak to NHBC Technical for advice - a totally different department with a viewpoint difference - Jamie Cant (yep - he is related to the famous Brian from your youth) is very helpful (use SAYNOTO0870 for number). You can get a copy of their full manual if you register on their builders site - I think the first is free as well. What they are saying about the shade is rubbish - fair enough - walls that you will paint within 2 years - But a kitchen that is designed to last for 10 years min is a complet
  12. I understand what you are saying - I just feel that this is a cost we would not of incurred if the tiler had done his job right in the first place. For me I see it as all arising from one cause - his dangerous work!! I will definitely use it at least if needed to show their unreasonable behaviour - if not for the costs element. For me I see a clear path and cause of the whole issues - which starts at his doorstep The letters will not be up for another week as we go on hols tomorrow L
  13. Expand a bit further.... B is looking to take A to small claims over dangerous work - not looking to involve solicitors etc.. to keep costs down A then threatens to sue B issuing unreasonable demands B takes legal advice and letters exchanged - the last being ignored by A's solicitors A backs off - having succeeded in their attempt at putting B to further monetary loss and causing distress to B's wife B continues for claim but has now lost more than 33% of the value because of A's scurrilous claim As legalpickle states - it is up to the judge at the end of the d
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