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  1. hi all an update of the situation. I went to court for the 2 stat decs........and got them! I can only asume there was a more pressing case waiting Like LFB said, there has to be a winner and a loser what ever the situation and circumstances. Bailiffs off my back, saving me over £900, and awaiting the council and police to re send the fine(s) to my new address. THANK YOU!!! :):) seriously though, without your help on here i would have been dead in the water. This really is a brilliant place to be, you have all helped me tremendously and I sincerely thank you
  2. hi all thanks for the replies. There are 2 judgements against me i found out when i spoke to the court(s) the other day. this one and another less serious one for a parking fine, which was also in the process of being handed over to martsons. I am doing the stat dec on both. I understand a bit more now about the 21 days on the speeding fine, im guessing this one will not go in my favour as ive read in the reply posts! The parking fine i new nothing about! both of these went to my previous address as the car is regestered there. I may not be going about this exactly right here
  3. hey, no offence taken without you guys and your advice i would be much much wworse off than i am, and probably pulling what little hair i have left out! here is the letter i have sent to marston and also a copy will be pinned to the front door in the morning for the happy bailiff..... FAO Marston Group and Mr ======== I am writing to you in reference to the distress warrant ref. ======== It is apparant to me that I have never recieved a court order or warrant for the above offence. Under MAGITRATES COURTS ACT,1980 section 14 criminal procedure rule 37.11 After discuss
  4. hi all! im still here! right..... i took heed of the last post from LFB i rang the courts, as it stands i have 2 unpaid debts with them! one speeding fine and a parking offence. not that worried about the parking offence at the mo. managed to get a srtatutory declaration next week for both on the grounds i did not know about them till baliff letter arrived as i changed address blah blah.... rang baliff to tell him. he was most displeased and said as it stands its still a live warrant and he will be pursuing it as unpaid. i said whats the point as ive got the appontmen
  5. hi and thanks again for the replies. i agree that im clutching at straws a little here out of desperation i think! pleading ignorance about the fine paid in full and all that doesnt look like a bonafide arguement when you put it that way! im just at a loss of what to do here. cant pay the 495 in full, im pretty sure the baliff wont let me sit tight either, or refer it back to the court. i shall take the alcoholic bit out too. Not really keen on explioting that side to be honest, again just a snap of desperation there, trying all angles here! had a message from baliff earlie
  6. been ringing the court a hundred times with no answer i have drafted a letter for marstons as follows... I am writing to you in reference to the distress warrant ref. ******** It is apparant to me that I have never recieved a court order or warrant for the above offence. After discussing this with you on the phone yesterday 3rd August is has now become clear that all correspondence was sent to **************. I have not resided at ***********for a long time thus only became aware of this when I recieved your letter dated 30th July 2009. As far as I was aware this fine was paid in
  7. hiya thanks for the help you have all been really great. i am typing with one hand and ringing the court with the other as i speak! ill let you know what happens
  8. the house is in my name only lfb and the baliff has not seen anything inside the house as yet. im thinking of sending the copies of the "ownership of the goods" of the house and the "contract" to the baliff first before he gets here with his locksmith! not got long there! other option is to get the court to lift the warrant, i think they are my only options here.
  9. thanks lfb. the house is council but all stuff inside is stuff i have gathered up after the last clear out i had at my old flat from other baliffs! (i didnt know my rights at first so they got it all but my sons stuff and the usual things they would call essential!) it was just my 8 year old then and me. My son and i live with my partner and her 2 kids now in this here 2 up 2 down! she understands that i have a past to bear and there are things that will rear their ugly head from the "fuzzy ol days" but she dont deserve to have our stuff taken, its not fair on her, me ive been there befo
  10. hi lfb thanks for the quick reply. the fine was from a court order or conviction back in april 23rd 09 i had also moved twice since then and not on purpose, not forwarded my address to everyone! the speeding fine was from a moblie gun and im not disputing the 49 in a 40 zone, i did speed! not much much heyho! Mthe thing that is worrying me is the whole schedule 4a, breaking in with a locksmith stuff and the talking to my neighbour about me. Is there anyway at all i can get this refered back to the courts to arrange installments..? i will pay this fine im not worried about that im jus
  11. Hi everyone i hope i am in the right place here for this thread. I have read through loads of threads and posts to do with martson certified baliffs. This is my situation, i have 48 hours!! i have a notice of distress for an unpaid speeding fine from marstons for £495. first letter posted through door by hand dated 30th july 2009. took inventory on my car for the distress, the car is on hp. told finance company they said marstons cannot do this. Got card through door this morning from marstons and another sticker on the car stating pretty much the same as 4 days ago
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