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  1. Just wondering if this is the normal rate of interest that provident charge? That is extortion!!
  2. The 2 loans that they put together come to £1892 and they did that in December 08. The payments i have made since then has brought the balance down to £1676 and i have made no payments since beginning of June. I will pm you when i see you on Liz
  3. Yes Sam, thats right £1892.02 less what i have already paid which brings the balance outstanding down to £1676.00.
  4. Sorry the second amound should have said £600 ot £60
  5. Hi Sam, There were 2 amounts - 1 was 'credit amount' £800 'total payable' £1344 The other one was 'credit amount' £60 'total payable' £1008 The one the manager merged says 'amount of credit' £1892.02 'Total amount payable' £1892.02 Thanks for any help
  6. Oh, forgot to mention, they hae also been round today and put a card through asking me to call them. Please help!
  7. Still not resolved anything and desperate for help!! I have found the 2 original loan schedules which state interestat 183.2%!! I was on a night shift last night and just switched on my mobile and i have had 3 voice messages left from 2 different people from Provident and 1 text message. Very stressed out and need some advice what to do next.
  8. Thanks again, like i say i will go to the library tomorrow and have a good read. Will keep you posted.
  9. Thanks, will go to the library and have a look at that. Still not fllled in the appeal form yet, burying head in sand im afraid.!! Will check this out at the library tomorrow then fill in appeal and see where we go from there. Thanks again
  10. Hi, sorry not been on for a while ive been on a long stretch of nights. Just wondering if then, from what 'longroad' has said, that the agreement is in order? Only i dont want to get into an agreement with them at the moment if it is wrong with them not putting the interest on the paperwork. Also i have still for in my head what i read somewhere on here, about that they are supposed to discuss the agreement with you 24 hours before they get you to sign, which did not happen in my case. Like i said, the area manager turned up on my door some months ago when i was struggling to pay
  11. Thank you so much for all your help, i have already contacted motability who say they will put things on hold for 6 months and i will follow the link for advice on the appeal. Any further help or advice would be greatly appreciated Liz
  12. Hi, can you see the link? Does the agreement look ok even though there is no 'total charge for credit' or 'Rate of interest'? Liz
  13. HI sorry its taken a while to get back to you but like i said im new to this and had to wait for my son to help!I have scanned both forms the CCA looks like there is nothing wrote on it but my signature/date etc was very clear. Anyway have a look at it for me and let me know what you think, i really appreciate your help. Many Thanks Liz P.S I hope this works http://i30.tinypic.com/qx6gk4.jpg
  14. Hi, I have been getting the mobility component of the disability living allowance for the last few years due to quite severe disc problems in my back and also sciatica. I have difficulty walking any great distance and i am in pain constantly. Throughout this time i have used my mobility allowance to have a car with motability and still do. I randomly received a letter from dla asking about any changes, to which i answered no, there werent any. They then said they were sending a medical doctor, which they did do. I then received a letter from dla stating that i am no longer entitled to any
  15. Hi I have a problem with a loan from Provident. I had 2 original loans with them for approximately £400 each which i struggled to pay and kept falling behind. The area manager then turned up on my door and suggested she had the solution to my problem, to put both agreements together on a new loan so that i could pay a lesser amount over a longer period of time, as i was desperate for a solution i agreed and signed on the dotted line. I have now since been struggling to pay this each week and have again fallen behind. I have been looking at the new agreement to see if there is any way of
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